New Poll: What’s your family’s favorite character meal?

Tell us why in your comments. For the choices, I only included restaurants whose regular service is a character meal (that leaves out places like ‘Ohana and Donald’s Safari Breakfast, that do character meals at more limited times). Also, take advantage of the comments to share any tips or tricks for making the most of character meals with your family.

6 thoughts to “New Poll: What’s your family’s favorite character meal?”

  1. I voted 1900 Park Fare because of the Stepsisters. They absolutely made the meal for us. They were hysterical, and lots and lots of fun. We were just cracking up because of them. Embarrassed my boys so much they wanted to crawl under the table, and had a good time teasing my daughter for carrying around her “maid doll” (baby Cinderella). You even could hear them bickering with each other all over the restaurant! Did I say I enjoyed it?

  2. I also voted 1900 PF as I agree with stopher, the stepsisters really make this experience great.

    Although I was torn as Megan’s (our yougest) favorite was not listed which is the Ohana’s breakfast with Lilo and Stitch. She is a huge Stitch fan and when she saw him walking arouind, she could contain herself and ran halfway across the restaurant to say Hi.

  3. I voted for CRT. The themeing and ambiance of the place is top notch. The food is good, but certainly not worth the price they make you pay for it. The rest of the cost is made up for in the experience – although it does get a bit creepy to called “Lord” so much. Oh yeah – and you’re in a friggin’ castle! How cool is that?

  4. The only one I’ve been to out of these choices is the Princess Breakfast, and I honestly didn’t feel the need to return to that one. We’ll try out Chrf Mickey’s on our next trip. I would have voted for Liberty Tree Tavern if they still had characters.

  5. These are all awesome places! Chef Mickeys was our favorite last time we went. Partially becuase we’ve never ate there before and throughly enjoyed and partially becuase I a HUGE monorail fan. Any restraunt that has a Monorail go straight through it gets my vote.
    As Christopher mention 1900 PF is a blast and it was made so for us becuase of the stepsisters. They were a riot. I got the seafood salad which had REAL seafood in it!!!! There was what looked to me like a small squid. She held it up on her fork just as the sister were passing by. They started chanting, “EAT IT EAT IT EAT IT”, which got the entire restraunt looking at us. So what does my wife do…….EATS IT!! BLARF!!! The sisters lost it. It was hilarious.

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