This week we take a look at rope-drops at WDW. A must do for some, and totally disregarded by others, these shows add a bit to your normal park openings. Take a read through and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

5: Blizzard Beach/Typhoon Lagoon

Ok, so these both technically have a rope-drop, but to my knowledge it’s literally just that, a rope being dropped. No show. Needed to have a #5 on here though, so they made the cut…

4: Hollywood Studios

Never been a big fan of this one myself. Might be the lack of authentic Disney characters, or the confusing way they set up the “scene”. Most likely it’s the fact that everyone is ignoring the show and trying to get the inside lane for the dash to TSMM though.

3: Epcot

This one’s just recently been changed (see Friday Five below), but it’s getting its rank based on the show that was here up until recently. A pretty neat show that usually had a family of the day, and the cars from Test Track was a good way to open Epcot. They have the big 4 characters out there as well, which is fun for the kids though, so this one sits at the middle of the list.

2: Animal Kingdom

My family always really enjoys this one. It’s a bit longer than the others, but a good show with the major characters coming out on a safari truck and getting the crowd excited. Being up on the truck also allows for a good view for everyone, and you don’t get the same angling for position that you see at DHS. It’s never been too crowded when we’ve gone to this one, either. Definitely worth getting to on your AK day.

1: Magic Kingdom

No surprise here, MK gets the #1 spot. The whole ceremony and countdown to opening are fun for everyone. The show being up on the train track gives a great view as well. Being welcomed by “The Mayor of Main Street” really gets the crowd excited. If you haven’t seen this rope-drop show, you really should. Being one of the first to walk down Main Street after they let you in is worth the time and effort in and of itself, imo.

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