Monday Poll: Who’s your favorite female Disney Villain?

Our Villains tournament continues. The ladies are up this week – pick your three favorites in the poll at the right. Comment below explaining your choices and you’ll be eligible to win a $25 gift certificate to Kimono’s in the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin resort. As with last week, commenting enters you in the drawing, but only one entry per person per week is allowed (so multiple comments doesn’t get you multiple entries).

The winner of last week’s drawing for a House of Blues gift certificate is Mark Pratt (prattpak), as selected by’s random number generator.

3 thoughts to “Monday Poll: Who’s your favorite female Disney Villain?”

  1. I love love love Mad mad Madame Mim!! Sword in the Stone was one of my first favorite Disney movies so Ive always love her. Malifecent is the Queen of mean!!!
    Thank you Aaron for the Gift cert for House of Blues. We will use this in 19 days!!!

  2. Had to go with Maleficent #1… she is just a classic Disney villain. Always the first one that comes to mind.

    Evil Queen from Snow White… again, classic Diseny villain. The little old lady with the apple always makes me think of Disney World and the soon to be extinct Snow White’s Scary Adventure.

    Queen of Hearts… Off with her head! ’nuff said.

  3. I chose Malificent, Ursula, and Cruella. 101 Dalmatians is not just my favorite Disney movie, but my ALL-TIME favorite movie. I have received countless stuffed dalmatians through the years. The first stuffed animal in each of the kids cribs were dalmatians. Coincidentally, I do not own one, but I have in the past and the were named Pongo and Perdeta.

    As far as my other choices, they just seem like the classic Disney villians to me. My wife is a Malificent fanatic, and the only difference is that my wife isnt green. HAHA

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