Top 5 Tuesday: MK Attractions in need of an upgrade/overhaul

So this week’s top 5 might be a little controversial, but I decided to list the top 5 current MK attractions that I think could use an upgrade or overhaul. The only rule I stuck with is that the attraction needs to remain in some form (so no totally removing IASW and replacing it with a new Monsters Inc. rollercoaster).  I also didn’t pick anything closing/changing with the Fantasyland expansion. So with those guidelines in place;

5) Swiss Family Tree-House

Given the real estate this attraction has, it should be handling more guests than it currently does. A major reason might be the fact that the Swiss Family Robinson isn’t a film many of today’s guests have seen in a long time, if ever. Updating it with a newer movie as the premise would help (I believe Disneyland did this with Tarzan). Adding more interactive games and features throughout the attraction would be a welcomed upgrade as well.

4) Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade

Seeing as this one hasn’t been changed since 1982, I think it’s due. A neat idea in a pretty good location, I can’t say I’ve even peaked in here in 10-15 years.  I think an updated shooting range using current technology (possibly a 3-D experience?), and the addition of some new Characters would draw patrons to this game, and be a neat experience. They should also take away the $1.00 pay to play charge, it can’t be generating that much income, and really should be included in the price of admission…

3) Carousel Of Progress

I personally love this attraction, and I know that it’s considered the attraction at MK with “the most Walt Disney in it” seeing as it exists in much the same for as his original version, but that lends itself to why I think it needs to be updated. The scenes go from the 1900’s, to the 1920’s to the 1940’s, and then all the way into the “future”, only the future is pretty laughable at this point (“Dad! Grandma scored 500 points!”). As time passes, I think the distance between the inventions of the 1940’s and today is too extensive. Updating this show to include other times that bridge the gap better (and a new “future” would help greatly.

2) Hall of Presidents

An original to the park, this attraction seems better suited for that time. While the audio-animatronics are pretty cool, and some of the presidents look very life-like, this show is a bit too long to hold the attention and interest of the current crowds, in my opinion. With the price of a ticket today, most guests try to get their money’s worth, and sitting through this show often isn’t even a consideration. Shortening the show, or making this a walk-through attraction with different Presidents giving various speeches they are known for might help make this attraction more popular.

1) Tommorowland Speedway

This ride is a personal pet-peeve of mine, and definitely my #1 most in need of an overhaul.  I cannot for the life of me understand how the wait time for this ride can be over 60 minutes, ever. The old-fashioned car on steel rail that you can really only turn just enough to give yourself a very uncomfortable whack in the rear, while traveling slower than even the TTA Peoplemover (at least it seems so) is just not working. Re-theming this attraction with a Cars motif, as well as making it an actual race between 2 or more cars at a time, with newer ride technology would be terrific (The drivers wouldn’t have actual control of the vehicles, but they’d travel at higher speeds on a more thrilling course with different outcomes each time). That would be a ride worth waiting for.

Just my thoughts. What are yours?

4 thoughts to “Top 5 Tuesday: MK Attractions in need of an upgrade/overhaul”

  1. Swiss Family Treehouse and Shootin’ Arcade are getting some work this month. Shootin’ Arcade changes are likely to be more pronounced than Treehouse changes (there’s been discussion of new tech being added in). I hope that Treehouse doesn’t see major changes. IMHO, the Tarzan update at Disneyland was a huge mistake. There aren’t many tributes to Disney’s live-action films in the parks, and the Swiss Family Treehouse is a marvel of detailed theming, hidden “secrets,” and an underrated view of the park from the top.

    I think the problem with CoP is that the amount of time it has to cover, the technological advances during that time, and the pace of change have made it nearly impossible to keep up. CoP worked great as a World’s Fair attraction, with a limited expected lifetime. But it becomes increasingly problematic as a permanent fixture.

  2. I didn’t even know there was a shooting arcade! I tolerate the speedway because my kids like it. Hall of Presidents definitely needs something though it is a good place for nap with the little ones when it is hot. I did the Treehouse once and that was enough and I even like the movie. I fully agree on the COP. The family loves it, but we have all commented on how they need to update things, maybe 1900, 1960’s, 2000 and future.

  3. You’ll always get some pushback from the purists who want to keep some things as is. I agree with Aaron that the Swiss Family Treehouse is rewarding if you take the time. But I do like the idea of interactive features hidden within it as well. The Hall of Presidents has always just been a place to cool off in air conditioning for me. And the Tomorrowland Speedway…sigh. The kids love it, the adults hate it!

    I have to confess…I’ve never done the CoP. Never really had any interest in it, to be honest.

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