1. Disney World Merchandise Discount Alert! Ridemakerz Groupon – $15 for $30 worth of credit at Ridemakerz, good through November 18, 2011 –

2. Web site shoutout to WDWMagic. I find myself heading there more and more often for the latest news and information about Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

3. Thanks to this week’s participating Dis Dads: Paul Hajjar (RodBelding); David Nicely (theduck619); and Mark Harbeson (Captain_Oblivious)

4. Speaking of the Oblivious one, Mark has taken it upon himself to coordinate a new content category for disdads.com. He’ll be soliciting Pop Culture reviews about books, television shows, movies, etc., from a Dis Dads perspective. We’re looking for everything from books the kids would enjoy to whether particular television shows or movies are kid-appropriate to good stuff to enjoy on an adult date-night. If you have a review you’d like to submit, please contact Mark. We’re hoping to make this a regular Thursday feature on the site.

5. The Dis Dads Podcast is still just a few unique listeners short of 1,500. If you’re listening and enjoying the show, please consider leaving a review of the podcast on iTunes. Reviews help bump our show toward the top of the list when new listeners are searching for Disney podcasts.

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