Today’s Top 5 comes to us from theduck619 (David).

Top 5 Places in World Showcase to stop and smell the roses

These are five of my favorite places in the World Showcase to stop and relax, catch our breath and get lost in the atmosphere and ambiance of these magical structures.

5.   Impressions de France – France Pavilion

What I love about this place is that it is sit down viewing rather then standing and of course air conditioned for those times when the heat is a factor.  The views of France highlighted in the movie are breathtaking and make me want to visit every time I see it.  I realize that it is a little outdated in terms of the footage but it does a nice job of stirring the imagination.

4.  Maelstrom – Norway Pavilion

            Another great spot to beat the heat!  This is one of those rides that probably needs a little updating but it never fails to have a little bit of a wait when we go.  Again it helps you relax and catch your breath and even escape a crowded EPCOT while you explore Norway.  I really do not mind the pitches at the end trying to get you to visit.  After all that is what the World Showcase allows us to do, just in a less expensive and quicker way.

3.  The shops in the Morocco Pavilion

It never fails that I have a moment or two when I am in the leather or basket parts of the shop and I think I am in Northern Africa!  I think it is a combination of the smells, the music and the close quarters of the walls and shops.  It is also a great spot for a silly hat pic with a fez.

2.  The museum in the back of Japan

            I am not sure it has a specific name, but I think this is a hidden treasure.  I have met very few people who have ever taken the time to walk through it.  On each visit we have seen numerous exhibits ranging from actual samurai artifacts, Japanese baseball history, toys that were popular in Japan and Japanese music styles.  It has been a wealth of culture and education.  If you have not taken the time to walk through it, please do, you will not be sorry.

1.  Boulangerie Patisserie – France Pavilion

            First off I have no allegiance to France.  This is our absolute favorite place to sit back and relax and get lost in a little bit of France.  We enjoy some pastries and coffee and forget that thousands of our friends are on the other side of us.  It is a small quaint area and it draws you to slow down and relax.  It is a great location to rest for those who have spent the morning in the front pf the park.  If we ever cross paths in EPCOT, look for the duck here and I’ll buy you a quiche!


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