Monday Poll: What are your reactions to Disney’s announcements at the D23 Expo this past weekend?

The D23 Expo this past weekend was a major event for the Disney superfan, at which the Walt Disney Company made announcements about upcoming projects from just above every part of the company. What are your reactions to the various annoucements? Vote for as many of the responses as you’d like in the poll to the right, and if there are reactions you had that aren’t listed, tell us about them in the Comments here.

2 thoughts to “Monday Poll: What are your reactions to Disney’s announcements at the D23 Expo this past weekend?”

  1. 1. Very excited to see Pixar announcing more original movies and less sequels.

    2. Would have liked to hear more on the live-action movie side of things. Disney has announced two upcoming Marvel comics movies after The Avengers, but we still don’t know what they are. And are they going to come to an agreement to make The Lone Ranger? Surprised they would pull the plug on that one. Then again, the script reportedly featured the Lone Ranger battling werewolves, so maybe we should be thankful that they did.

    3. I think the 7 Dwarves Mine Coaster looks very, very cool. Can’t wait to see it.

    4. There was also a nice little presentation by Imagineer Joe Rohde on Aulani. It looks amazing.

    5. Would love to know if there are future plans for Disney Parks besides the new Carsland in California and Fantasyland in WDW.

  2. Haven’t seen a whole lot of detail on all the announcements yet. I was really hoping to hear more announcements for plans in the parks. I understand that Fantasyland is a big deal and a huge undertaking, but aside from the Mine Coaster, it isn’t really something, I’m that excited about… I really wish they would announce something big for DHS or AK.

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