Friday Five: Random References & Reflections

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2. We have a winner from our Monday Poll drawing! RodBelding spoke up for, and was selected by as the winner of the $25 gift certificate to Shula’s Steakhouse at the Walt Disney World Dolphin.

3. Thanks to this week’s participating DisDads: Mark Pratt (for help dealing with the mess) and Don Staten for the Wordless Wednesday photo.

4. I’m not feeling much sympathy for folks who are all up in arms about Disney’s experiment with (and plans for wide implementation of) RFID-controlled soda distribution. This technology appears to me to be a minimally intrusive, minimal additional inconvenience to resolve a problem that had grown to epidemic size. There wouldn’t be any need for this technology fix if the honor system was working. But when too many people act in a dishonorable manner by trying to take that for which they have not paid, all of us have to deal with some extra inconvenience. The rule has been clear for years now. The resort refillable-mug is refillable for free during the trip on which it was purchased. Refills aren’t free unless Disney changes the mug design. They’re not free until you get caught. They’re free for the length of your stay. And whether or not Disney makes a huge profit margin on soft drink sales is irrelevant to the discussion too. The choices are clear – pay the price Disney is charging and use your mug according to the rules or get your drink fix another way. Any other choice is, and has been, petty theft. To me, this topic is a parallel to the MANLAW about giving up your seat on the bus. You are modeling behavior for your children when you do these things. Which lesson do you want to teach them? “Take what you can get for free until you get caught,” or “make a choice and deal with the consequences of that choice?” The DisDad answer seems pretty clear to me. (One other note: it’s no suprise to me that they’re working on getting this technology implemented before next year, when all of the Dining Plans will include a resort refillable mug. People improperly re-using old mugs have that much less incentive to pay for a Dining Plan).

5. Do you have a Disney vacation already booked? Consider transferring your reservation to a Fairytale Journeys by DisDads travel agent. Transfer a reservation in the next 30 days, and you can receive a Disney Gift Card worth up to $50 (depending on the total cost of the trip), just for handing over the burden of monitoring for discounts that might apply to your reservation and reduce your vacation’s cost; making reservations; and dealing with other planning details to a Fairytale Journeys by DisDads agent. (Of course we’re always happy to help you book a new vacation as well)!

4 thoughts to “Friday Five: Random References & Reflections”

  1. You mean Im not supposed to bring in my mega-utlra Big Gulp cup and fill it up? I heard that the chips will also stop the cup from being used after the reservation is done. That is pretty sweet. This will help with Disney cost and perhaps (dont laugh yet) perhaps it will help with the cost to us.

  2. Most of what I’ve read says that the RFID will allow them to cut off the cup, but there will be some leeway built in (at least a day, and perhaps a bit longer).

  3. On the topic of the cups… I’m all for it. I’ve never abused the system and I can’t say that anyone who has had any negative impact on me, but if I’m gonna pay, the next guy ought to pay too. My only thought is that I hope they either A: get significantly bigger cups or B: Do away with the 5 minute downtime between fills. I say this because I feel I get my money’s worth from the cups, but I don’t spend a lot of time around the resort and therefore don’t fill it that often. They don’t hold much so my approach is typically to fill it, drink it, refill it and leave. I’m not going to stand around waiting for 5 minutes for my next available refill, so if they keep the same small mugs and keep charging the same price, I honestly do begin to question whether I’ll get my money’s worth out of it.

    Also, I’d be more than happy to transfer my reservation to you guys, but I had already booked through our AAA agent. She’s been good to me, but I’ll definitely keep you all in mind next time I’m booking a trip. May need to look at a cruise in a couple of years…..

  4. Very well said on the cups. Couldn’t agree more.

    Also pretty pumped about winning the gift certificate!

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