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You may have noticed the missing logo from the banner at the top of the page. Or the missing products from the just-announced Dis Dads Schwag Shop. Or the change in the DisDadsPodcast Twitter account icon. It appears that our logo ran afoul of Disney’s intellectual property folks. I suspect that it was the Schwag Shop that got their attention. When items got ordered, that automatically triggered a review by Zazzle.com. I tried pointing out some specific ways in which our logo differed from the Disney Channel logo, such that our logo did not infringe on the Disney Channel logo’s trademark. But it was to no avail. So we’re in the process of removing our old logo from wherever it may have been (message board icons, our website, Twitter icons, etc.), and we find ourselves in need of a new logo. The Disney design folks were actually really friendly about the whole thing. While not budging on the contention that our logo could not remain in it’s current form, they offered constructive suggestions.

So, with that long-winded explanation, here’s the contest – design a replacement logo. The panel of judges for the new logo will consist of me, Mark Pratt, and a poll (for a total of three votes). The creator of the winning design will recieve a one-year premium subscription to TouringPlans.com, courtesy of Mark Pratt of Fairytale Journeys by Disdads. Mark would love to help you plan your next Disney vacation, whether or not you’re a logo designer! For contest details, read on past the jump:

While you are not REQUIRED to design the new logo based on our previous logo, as modified using the Disney design folks’ recommendations, doing so is encouraged. Please keep in mind the following when designing:
1) The logo should be readily resizeable, from a large t-shirt logo to a small icon (small detail will get lost when shrunk)
2) The logo must not infringe on any Disney intellectual property. If you move away from the previous icon + suggestions, we’ll need to seek approval from Disney before announcing a winner
3) The logo must include the name “Disdads” and preferably will include “Disdads.com”
4) All logo submissions shall be considered works made for hire, and become the property of disdads.com when submitted
5) Logos are officially submitted by Emailing .jpg or .png images to podcast@disdads.com

Here’s our previuos logo, to use as a design basis. This image will be deleted when the new logo is chosen:
The comments from the Disney artists and design reviewers are:
1. Mickey Ears, as in the current logo, cannot be used.
2. A possible substitute is a Disney ear’d balloon
3. We cannot use the Disney font, especially not for a standalone “D”. It was recommended that we use “DISDads” (capitalizing the first four letters) instead of just a standalone capital D by itself as well.
4. The Disney artists and reviewers suggested using “Mickey’s colors” – yellow, red, and black
Extra credit to designs that include both a square or circular logo (squares and circles are the best for resizing, IMHO) and a replacement for our entire header banner. If you do submit a banner, the “MANLAWS and Cheeseballs” slogan is not required, though “Off-Topic since 2007” is required. Note the corrected spellings of MANLAWS and Cheeseballs from the way they currently appear in our banner.

There is no explicit deadline on this contest. Mark and I will evaluate submissions as they are received. As soon as we have more than one that we think is worthy of use, we’ll post the poll and get the public input vote. We’d like to get this logo replaced as soon as possible, so if you wait to submit, you may miss out on your chance to win. Good luck, and thanks for playing!

16 thoughts to “Disdads Logo Contest”

  1. Well considering I don’t have the talent, or the software (unless I can make something really cool in Paint or Word) I’ll probably just sit this contest out. I just wanted to say I can’t wait to see what everybody comes up with and look forward to voting.

    Also Aaron, don’t know if you realized it or not, but the old logo is still up on the log in page.

  2. One thing I would suggest for this contest is possibly creating a copy or an original using a vector based format (SVG, WMF, etc.). This will allow resizing without degradation of the original artwork. This would especially be useful for printing purposes like tshirts.

  3. Trennr think of onions how they have layers, vector images have layers too. It lets the printer (or tshirt dude) print the files easier and makes it easier to resize. Think onions! Youre thinking of parfaits arent you? FOCUS MAN, ONIONS!!!

  4. Don/Mark/Nathan – For our purposes, we need to focus on .jpg or .png images. While offline printers prefer to work with vector graphics, even Zazzle (our online printer) has issues with many vector graphic formats. They basically only accept .pdf image files, and they can’t include low-resolution bitmaps, and you have to be able to prove to them that you ownt he embedding rights to any fonts you include . . . Basically, it’s easier to live with minor image imperfections. A properly designed logo shouldn’t really have too many problems on resizing, because it shouldn’t have the kind of small detail that vector images do a better job of preserving.

  5. I have no talent either but am looking forward to seeing what comes in and all this talk of onions and parfaits convinced me it is time for bacon.

  6. We only have one entry so far, though I was contacted earlier this week by someone who says they plan on entering one or more designs soon. If we don’t have something we’re comfortable going with in the next couple of weeks, I’ll probably reach into my own pocket to pay for a professional design.

  7. I think the logo should be made from Cheesballs and Bacon. Do we have any artist? Aaron the old logos still show on the log in page.

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