1. My apologies for the problems with the Dis Dads Schwag Shop. Apparently, the Disdads logo was flagged by the Zazzle.com “Content Review Team” and they determined that the logo was “not suitable for printing at Zazzle.com.” I have submitted a response, pointing out four specific and substantial differences between the Disdads logo and the Disney Channel logo (which is presumably the basis for the “not suitable for printing” claim). We’ll see what their response is. If they won’t reinstate the store, I’ll be looking for another alternative again.

2. I’m considering booking a Wishes Dessert Party for our September trip (I checked, and reservations are available). If you’ve done the Wishes Dessert Party, what did you think of it? Is it worth it for a family of four (two children)? My thinking is that we will already have seen the MSEP earlier in the trip, so by going to the Dessert Party, we can continue touring during the parade and not need to worry about staking out an early viewing spot for the fireworks.

3. We’ve got Dis Dads Podcast episodes planned out into April, 2012 (subject to change, of course). You can peek ahead by following the Podcast | Calendar link in the menu bar above. If you’re a Dis Dad and would like to be a panelist on any of those upcoming shows, please send an Email expressing your interest to prattpak AT disdads DOT com.

4. Reminder – Winnie the Pooh opens this weekend, and currently has a 90% Fresh rating from rottentomatoes.com. Please support traditional hand-drawn animation, and go see Winnie the Pooh on its opening weekend. I know its being overshadowed by another huge movie opening this weekend, and I’m not saying you should see Pooh instead. Go see both. But see Pooh first.

5. Are you a current DVC owner? What was it that convinced you to take the leap? Are you considering joining DVC? What’s holding you back?

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