Better late than never – by my clock in my time zone, these are squeezing in just under the wire 🙂

1. You asked for it, you got it. Now open, the brand-new Dis Dads Schwag Shop. So far, there are about a dozen Disdads logo items available for purchase. The small profit we make on each item goes to support this site and the Dis Dads charity of choice, Give Kids the World.

2. If you haven’t seen my references to this elsewhere in cyberworld, I’m going to Disney World! This trip will be chock-full of firsts for us. First stay at a Value Resort (All-Star Music). First trip without a rental car. First trip mixing business with pleasure (I will be participating in a conference for work for the first part of the trip). And first trip using the Quick-Serve Dining Plan. Oh, and instead of a full year to plan this trip, this time I have less than 90 days. In any case, I’m just excited that we’re getting to return a year sooner than we expected.

3. Big thanks to the podcast crew for Episode 10 – Jason Gilbert, Mark Harbeson, John Thomas, and Greg Hughes. And, as always, Mark Pratt for this organizational assistance and our producer/engineer Josh Haas. I had to reschedule the recording at the last minute due to a work conflict, and the guys really came through for me.

4. A week from today, Walt Disney Animation releases its first hand-drawn animated film since The Princess and the Frog. It’s going against some stiff competition, as it squares off head-to-head with the final installment of the megahit Harry Potter franchise. If you believe in and support the importance of hand-drawn animation to the Disney legacy, consider taking Ryan Kilpatrick of The Disney Film Project’s advice and see Winnie the Pooh first. Don’t skip the Deathly Hallows. But they’ll get their massive opening weekend crowd with or without your ticket purchase. So wait for the crowd to subside a bit, see it a few days later. But help support the opening weekend for Disney hand-drawn animation.

5. Do you have a Disney-related blog, podcast, or Twitter account that you think Dis Dads should be following? Let us know about it and you might find yourself mentioned in an upcoming Friday Five. Email us at or direct a tweet to @DisDadsPodcast

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