Monday Poll: When is your favorite time of year to travel to Walt Disney World?

I know, I know, the real answer is “anytime!” But if you had to choose, when do you prefer to travel to Walt Disney World? Are you a fan of lower crowd levels in the Winter months? Or are the extended hours (and not needing to take kids out of school) in the Summer more your style? Do special events like the Food and Wine Festival and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party draw you in the Fall? Or is the Spring weather and the Flower & Garden Festival more your style? Or maybe it’s not Christmas for you without the Osborn Family Lights and the Gingerbread House in the Grand Floridian. Tell us when you like to travel, and why, in the comments. (Oh, and like potato chips, I know that taking just one is impossible – so this poll allows you to choose two).

9 thoughts to “Monday Poll: When is your favorite time of year to travel to Walt Disney World?”

  1. Voted for May-June and September-October.

    Most of my trips have been in the early June time frame cause of school vs Crowd level.

    Selected September as that is a time when they typically offer free dining, and free dining is awesome!

  2. Picked Sept – Oct & Nov – Dec, third choice would have been Jan-Feb… notice a trend? I like to go when its warmer than Chicago, but not so hot that you can fry an egg on your forehead. Also crowds are lower then as well… of course now that the girls are getting older, that time will be blocked out due to school… or will it….????

  3. I voted for July – August and November – December. I have only been during the July – August timeframe due to school/sports schedules over the years. We have a November -December trip planned this year and I’m very excited to see the Christmas decorations.

    That said, the only other time we could possibly go due to responsibilities on the farm would be January – February. I’d love to go in the spring or fall for F&G, F&W and MNSSHP, but I don’t see how that can possibly ever happen, unless DW would ever agree to a last second trip for a couple of days if it would work.

  4. We love October! The crowds and temp are lower and historically it has been free meal promo time. We dont mind taking the kids out of school for the week becuase all of the other kids are in school hence the lower crowd levels. They always get thier homework that they would miss done before the trip so they dont have to waste time during the vacation doing it.

  5. I love September, with low crowds and free dining offers. The only other time I’ve been there is in late summer, but that doesn’t appeal to me as much. So I voted for December instead–that’s when I want to try it out!

  6. I voted for October and December. We absolutely LOVED going in early October. Some scheduling can be a little tricky – needing to avoid weekend Food & Wine crowds and MNSSHP causing a reduced parade/Wishes schedule. But it was worth if for lower crowd levels. We thought we might get milder temperatures too, but we got record heat for the first week in October! (Though nights did seem to cool off a bit).

    I just got the go ahead from DW for our next trip, which will unfortunately not be until December 2012. The October trip was over DD’s birthday. This time will be DS’ 6th birthday.

  7. I voted for November-December. To me, experiencing the decorations at Disney World during that time of year, combined with the festive spirit, puts it over the top.

    We’ve gone in April and July on our other trips and April was nice. It wasn’t too hot, yet hot enough to go to the water parks and pool. Also, the lines were awesome in April, probably better than December, when the parks seemed empty.

    I’d like to experience September-October one day. But I’ll have to get a new job before I can do that.

  8. January/February time frame. Lower crowds and cooler weather. Can sometimes be too cool for some activities but it is usually a warmer than home so it makes for a nice winter getaway. Second choice would be October.

  9. agree with Jan/Feb. The low crowds are great. Also enjoy the marathon down there… Can get a bit cool though…

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