The Dad Show: Episode 9

Host – Aaron Rittmaster
Panel – Nathaniel E. Powe, Jr.; Mark Pratt; Paul Hajjar; Christian Hill, Joe D’Antonio

Episode 9 is our special Father’s Day Podcast. We start off the show with Voice Mail messages from several of the Dis Dads, sharing Disney/Fatherhood memories. The panel shares their own such memories, and we feature our first celebrity interview. Voice actor Tom Kane – the voice of characters from Monkey Fist on Kim Possible to Yoda on Clone Wars to Admiral Akbar on Star Tours 2.0 – sat down with me to talk about being a voice actor, being father to eight children, and Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

5 thoughts to “The Dad Show: Episode 9”

  1. This was fun guys! I hope that you will have me on the panel again soon. It’s fun to be able to talk Disney stuff with a group of guys that are passionate about their families and Disney! God Bless!

  2. Alright guys, those were some great messages to our Dads. Actually made me tear up hearing them. Our dads made us who we are today and we should be proud of that. Happy Fathers Day to all my fellow DisDads!

  3. Well done guys. It was great to hear that we all treasure the gift of fatherhood. Aaron, great interview with Mr. Kane and kudos for getting him to say happy birthday to your DMIL. Of course that means the rest of us suck eggs now, lol.

  4. Great Episode!!! Great to hear our Founder’s voice. (Hi Nathaniel)
    Aaron…you did an excellent job on your 1st celebrity interview.

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