1. My apologies to anyone who has tried to become a site subscriber or who has discovered that their account no longer exists. Over the past week, we’ve been INUNDATED with spam user registrations. Despite three layers of anti-spammer protections, I spent a good chunk of my evening on Monday deleting over 400 spam accounts that he accumulated just since Saturday. In my deleting zeal I may have accidentally deleted a valid account or two. Sorry about that. I also may have failed to get a couple of valid accounts approved. If you set up an account and you find that you can’t log in, send an Email to my username @disdads.com and we’ll work on getting your account established. Soon, we plan on adding the ability for subscribers to receive alerts when new content is added to the site.

2. Disney has released the pricing and features for the 2012 Disney Dining Plans. I won’t go into all of the details here. As expected, prices crept upward a bit (pretty resasonably, in fact, considering the estimates for food cost inflation that I see being discussed by economists). The two biggest bits of dining plan news have to do with the content of the Quick Service Dining Plan (QSDP) and Standard Dining Plan (DDP). The DDP actually gets an addition – the resort refillable mug, so it will no longer be the only dining plan that doesn’t include a mug. But the QSDP loses a snack credit, which I think really detracts from the value of the plan. Through this year, the QSDP includes the resort refillable mug, 2 quick service meals per person, and 2 snack credits per person. For 2012, the QSDP will only include 1 snack credit per person. I have been heartily recommending the QSDP to friends and clients alike lately. While there are still people for whom the QSDP will be a good deal in 2012, the loss of that snack credit makes it harder to recommend than I thought it would be (given the relatively small cost of a snack).

3. Thanks to this week’s participating DIS Dads: RodBelding (a/k/a Paul Hajjar), for his Father’s Day post; and Mark Pratt and Joshua Haas for their work getting the special Father’s Day podcast organized and editing so that it will be ready to be released in time for Father’s Day.

4. The voice mail recordings for the Father’s Day Podcast worked out great (I can’t wait for you all to hear them)! Would people be interested in participating in the podcast this way on a regular basis? Pehaps responding to a question posted here on the website for each podcast?

5. Shoutout to The Pixar Blog. The site consistently offers up-to-date and interesting content.

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