The Disney Parks Blog announced ticket price increases today, effective this Sunday, just about 10 months since Disney’s last round of ticket price increases. Last year’s ticket price increases seemed to be an odd mixed bag, with increase rates varying substantially across different ticket lengths and for various enhancements. My quick analysis of this year’s increases shows a much clearer trend. First, the data. The link back to the Parks Blog above has the actual prices, but these are the percentage increases for base tickets, which are more helpful for comparative analysis purposes:

The trend is obvious. Disney is doing what it can to make the Annual Pass as enticing a prospect as possible. Annual Pass increases, for both adults and children, are among the smallest of the announced increases. On the other hand, the increase for Magic Your Way tickets crosses the 10% threshold at 7 days for children and 9 days for adults, topping out with a whopping 13.8% increase for a child’s 10 day Magic Your Way ticket. Increases are also substantially steeper across the board for children’s tickets than for adult tickets. If I were a cynic, I would suggest that perhaps Disney was ramping up children’s ticket prices in anticipation of larger families who have been anxiously awaiting the completion of the new Art of Animation Value Resort with its plethora of new Family Suites. But I’m not a cynic, so I won’t mention that.

There are a couple of “bright spots” in the ticket increase news (at least in comparison to the other news). The length-of-ticket Park Hopper and Water Parks Fun & More options increased only $1, from $54 to $55 per ticket each. And Disney did those who are only in the parks for one day a big favor, actually dropping the cost of a single day Park Hopper from $54 to $35. Interestingly, though the Parks Blog published rate ranges for the various Walt Disney World Resorts, the list did not include the Art of Animation Resort.

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