5 thoughts to “Monday Poll: Which is your favorite nighttime show in Walt Disney World?”

  1. The crowd experience detracts from Fantasmic for me. The pyrotechnics of Illuminations coupled with having many more good places to view the show pushes it over the top for my vote.

  2. I’m with the Captain in his opinion of Fantasmic! It could possibly be my winner if not for the hoops you have to jump through and time you have to invest to see it. I went with Wishes though for my favorite. As much as I truley enjoy Illuminations and Fantasmic, I NEVER go to WDW and not see Wishes at least once. Nothing gives off that Walt Disney magic like that soundtrack as you are watching the castle reflecting the glow of fireworks.

  3. I have the soundtrack to wishes on my itouch and everytime I hear it I get choked up. Im the same way in the park only I always get something in my eye.

  4. I’m with you on that one Pratt! I can’t listen to the Wishes soundtrack without it getting dusty in the room, car, office. But I gotta admit, Illuminations still tops the list for me. I think it’s because it was the first nighttime show my wife and I watched on our Disneymoon. I have fond memories of standing there, watching the show and holding her in my arms.

  5. It is a tough choice between IllumiNations and Wishes, but now that they are doing the special Memories show on the castle prior to Wishes – that puts Wishes over the top for me.

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