1. Please consider contributing a memory – either of a WDW vacation with your own father, or a WDW vacation as a father with your children – for our special Father’s Day podcast. Call (816) 348-3939 to record your memory, use the Google Call Me icon in the right margin, or record your memory on your own computer and Email the mp3 file to podcast@disdads.com. (Please try to keep recordings to 1 minute, we want to be able to include as many as possible). Father’s Day is fast approaching, so please get your recordings in this week to ensure that we have time to include them in the show!

2. We’ve set up a new page on the website, if you haven’t noticed it already. At the far right of the navigation bar is a link for WDW Live. Right now, it’s hosting a live stream of carlnix30’s view at the Polynesian Resort. We’ll happily include live streams of any other Dis Dads willing to broadcast from WDW. All you need is a webcam, laptop, Internet access, and an account at http://ustream.tv. If you’d like to livestream and need more detailed instructions, just Email me at ajritz@disdads.com.

3. Thanks to this week’s participating DIS Dads: Captain_Oblivious, stopher1, carlnix30.

4. Don’t forget, you can support disdads.com by shopping in our Amazon Affiliate store, The Dis Dads Commissary, linked in the right margin.

5. Looking at the list of summer movie releases for kids that was the subject of Monday’s poll, is anyone else disappointed in the options? I’ll take The Bug to see Part 2 of Deathly Hallows, just so we can complete the series. And we’ll probably all go see Cars 2 (though Squeaker is much more excited about that one than The Bug – an 8-year-old girl – is). But beyond that? We might go to see The Smurfs, for the nostalgia value and because the voice cast is pretty amazing. Squeaker never really got into Winnie-the-Pooh, and I’m annoyed at Disney expecting us to pay full movie rates for a 1 hour, 9 minute film. I know that movies targeted for children are kept shorter for a reason. But even Toy Story 2, which was originally slated to be a direct to home video release, ran nearly 30 minutes longer. I suspect the rest of this summer’s movies will be watched on Blu-Ray in the Media Room at home.

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