Hey everyone. We’re going to record a special Father’s Day Podcast, for release on Father’s Day. For this podcast, we want EVERYONE’S input. We’re going to collect two kinds of stories from our fellow DIS Dads: 1) A story about your own Father; or 2) A story about being a Father to your child – both preferably involving Walt Disney World (or at least Disney in some way). Please keep your stories brief – 60 seconds or less, and it would be great if you could start the story by introducing yourself. We’ll edit the stories together, along with a couple of interview pieces (I’m working on a special surprise on that front, but I don’t know if it will happen for sure, so I don’t want to announce that part yet).

You can participate in either of two ways. You can call (816) 348-3939 and record your message. If you don’t have free long distance service, you can just click on the Father’s Day Podcast Project link in the right margin and our Google Voice account will call you. In our testing, recording quality was slightly better when the call came in on a wired line vs. a cell phone, but don’t let the need to use a cell phone stop you from participating. Our sound magician Josh will make it work.

We’re not setting a hard cut-off date for recordings yet, partially because we’re not sure how long it will take Josh to put this all together. But please submit your stories as soon as possible – the sooner the better. Thanks in advance for your participation. We think this is going to help us create something really special for Father’s Day.

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