10 thoughts to “Monday Poll: How often do you eat table services meals when you’re at Walt Disney World?”

  1. I like an average of 1 per day. I like to plan where we’ll be and then schedule ADR’s accordingly so that we either eat in the park we’ll plan to be touring or somewhere on our way to/from the hotel for a break. I typically like to schedule lunch ADR’s because they make a nice relaxing break in the day and a way to escape the heat. This is also a big reason why we didn’t do the regular dining plan this time and instead went with the QSDP since lunch typically costs less out of pocket than dinner.

  2. Out of a 7 day trip, we’ll probably do Table Service 5 times. As nice as it is to sit down in a nicely themed, air conditioned restaurant, TS meals always take over an hour, some pushing an hour and a half or two. Over the course of a vacation, that time adds up and you start missing other things you’d like to do.

  3. On our last 2 trips, we had the dining plan, so we ate at a TS restaurant once per day. That was during the free dining promotion. If we had to pay for our own meals, we’d probably skip the dining plan and maybe do 1 or 2 TS places for the whole trip–in order to save money and time.

  4. Prior to 2009 my Table service experience was zip…zero…nada…non-exsistant. During our 2009 trip however I did 2 Meals 1] being Chef Mickey’s Breakfast Buffet; 2] was the Spirit of Aloha dinner show at the Poly…we also had the QSDP that year. In 2010 I had the Standard Dinning Plan which afforded me 7 Table service experiences.

    Prior to 2009 we had mostly Table Service and in-park picnics.

    As far as the Dining plan my family has enjoyed both a QSDP and the Standard Dining Plan and we found both to be a value. “Value” can mean several things though…our biggest value would be that of conveniance. Having the abilitiy to have your vacation and know that your meals are already taken care of is huge for my family. We could have never afforded the prices for all the meals we’ve eaten on the Dining plans.

  5. It really depends on the trip. If we take a longer trip we usually go with the dining plan and have a sit down meal a day. It can be time consuming to do a tableservice so we want to make sure we have time to do what we want in the park so that we aren’t trying to rush the meal. Tableservice meals can be great but you don’t want to be regretting your reservation watching people walk by outside. On shorter trips we usually stuck to th counter service. It gives us more flexibility in our touring schedule.

  6. We always like to start the trip with a TS meal, but since we have the kids now it takes away from the attractions.

  7. We are big fans of the DDP. We like knowing in advance that our meals are paid in full (minus tips). We don’t however get all of our ADRs in advance. We book a few of the hard to get spots, such as CRT, but we like to wing it most of the time. I like calling WDW-DINE and asking, “what do you have in this park in the next two hours”. I feel it give a certain sense of adventure to our trip. We can do this because we are not picky eaters and have no dietary allergies.
    As for table service meals go, we prefer a table over a counter service because we enjoy the time to sit and talk about our trip, what we’ve done and what we want to do. I feel it gives us a chance to slow down. We are doing the deluxe dining plan on our trip in July, this gives us three table service meals per day. I am concerned that might be too many but we plan to do some signature dining.

  8. I voted 2/day.

    We do this due to DD’s allergies. With the table service meals we usually get better service and more options for her to choose from. That being said, the counter service places were very accommodating but our options were limited there.

  9. we have at least 1 table service per day. use the deluxe dining plan or the quick service and pay OOP for table service meals

  10. I’m like the Captain. We’ve had the dining plan our last two trips, so we usually do one table service per day. Some days, like Animal Kingdom days, we may skip a table service (in lieu of Hoop Dee Doo that night) and then we’ll double up on a table service one day.

    I may be completely off-base, but I prefer the breakfast table service meals. It doesn’t seem as rushed as lunch and I like to make ADRs for as early as possible, so I’m in the parks before opening. The days we don’t do breakfast TS, we do it for dinner. It’s just been my experience with two hot, cranky kids that lunch is better to be served quickly and usually back at the resort. The few times we’ve tried lunch TS meals, it’s been meltdown city while the kids waited for the food to come.

    If we didn’t do the dining plan, we’d probably limit it to maybe 2-3 TS meals the entire trip, so maybe one every other day.

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