DIS Dads Podcast Episode 5 – Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Host: Aaron Rittmaster (AJRitz)
Panelists: prattpak (Mark Pratt); billybobblockhead (Greg Hughes); garryhman(Garry Hashman); jason4024 (Jason Gilbert)

Episode 5 is primarily devoted to discussion of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The panel rates their Top 5 DAK attractions, shares tips for touring DAK, and discusses dining options in DAK.

In addition to the Animal Kingdom talk, Jason Gilbert took the hot seat and answered 10 Questions in our getting to know a DIS dad segment. Also, Garry Hashman shared a preview of his upcoming trip to Walt Disney World.

As always, special thanks to our Producer/Engineer Josh Haas, who also created and recorded our intro music. The DIS Dads Podcast is edited and mixed at Pi Productions by A Veil Lifted.

2 thoughts to “DIS Dads Podcast Episode 5 – Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

  1. My top 5 Animal Kingdom Attractions are;
    1) Expedition Everest
    2) Kilimanjaro Safari
    3) Festival of The Lion King
    4) Kali River Rapids
    5) It’s Tough To Be A Bug

  2. Awesome job guys! Hard to believe it’s only the fifth episode because you guys sound so good.

    For those of us playing at home:

    Top 5 Animal Kingdom Attractions:
    *1. Festival of the Lion King — Absolutely my favorite show at The World
    *2. Kali River Rapids — My son’s favorite ride, therefore, my favorite ride at AK
    *3. Kilamanjaro Safari — Love that it’s a different ride every time
    4. Tree of Life/It’s Tough to be a Bug — The stings always get me
    5. The animals, in general — I’m a zoo person, so I enjoy the “zoo” aspect of AK

    *-I would imagine Expedition Everest will shoot up to my top three when I finally get the nerves/a child big enough to ride it.

    Favorite place to dine:
    Kinda weird how a lot of us DisDads have this one thing in common, AK is usually a breakfast place with a light snack for lunch and dinner ADR outside of AK. By virtue of that, favorite place is Restaurantosaurus. Had the breakfast there twice, when it was still there, and have had the lunch there the last time. Will try to branch out next trip and do Tusker House.

    AK touring plan:
    Almost always hit Kali River Rapids first thing in the morning and sometimes ride it as many as four times. Now that we’re soaked, we slosh our way to Kilamanjaro and dry off and relax. By that time, most of the crowd is heading our way, so we circle back to Dinoland and ride Triceratop Spin a million or so times. LOL My youngest actually prefers this to Dumbo, so we get our Dumbo fix here (plus, Dinoland is a barren wasteland compared to Fantasyland, no pun intended) From Dinoland, we usually hop over to Restaurantosaurus for an early, quick lunch. From there we usually head to Maharajah Jungle Trek and probably catch a Flights of Wonder showing. Then we head to FOTL and do the early afternoon showing. Kids are usually tired at this point, so we hop on the Wildlife Express and take the ride to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Youngest one usually catches a short nap either on the way up or down. We usually close out our day with a viewing of It’s Tough to be a Bug. Since we always have dinner ADRs, we usually leave before the parade and go back to resort to freshen up.

    Never understood why AK always finishes last in most people’s list of favorite parks. Our family loves it (but we’re zoo people). And I agree with AJ in that it’s a great starter park. We always do AK on our first day. It’s a tradition my wife and I started on our honeymoon by accident, but we’ve stuck with it since.

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