This past weekend was another wonderful example for me, just why being a Dad is simply awesome.  I got to go and spend a couple of nights in the woods, rain (& lots o’ mud) with my boys, and the rest of the Scouts & leaders who were there at our Spring Camporee.  I had such a great time.  They had such a great time.  And to top it all off, Harrison, my eldest, was added to the roll of the Order of the Arrow (OA) which is the National Honor Society for the Boy Scouts.  I was so very proud to be able to be there to witness his being “called out” and celebrate with him afterwards.  The election took place back on February 8th (the Boy Scouts of America’s 100th Anniversary) and he was so hoping he’d be elected this time around, especially considering the special significance of that date.  So was I.  But they don’t tell anyone in advance the results of the election until the Callout ceremony during the Spring Camporee.  I was on pins and needles when they were working their way through the J’s & K’s… then the L’s, and sure enough, they called his name.  I was so very proud!  

For those of you who  don’t have sons old enough to participate in the program, or weren’t Scouts yourself (as I wasn’t – I was a Cub Scout, but never a Boy Scout), the OA is a special honor for those young men who are a part of it.  They have to first achieve the rank of First Class, meet various requirements, and then be elected by their peers.  Not everyone makes it, so it’s pretty cool that he did.  THEN, after they are called out, they have to go through their “Ordeal” – which is a special weekend event just for the newest O.A. members.  I’m not an adult  member of the OA yet (I fell short of the required camping nights by 3 – but there’s always next year), so I can’t go to the Ordeal myself, but I’m very, very excited for him. 

The theme for the Camporee was a medieval one, so Harrison’s Patrol called themselves the “Monks of Arimathea” and Matthew’s Patrol called themselves the “Black Knights”.  Monty Python flies again!  The Monks then went around camp between activities whacking themselves on the forehead with their wooden boards chanting  “Pie Jesu domine,  dona eis requiem” – they had so many of the adults just cracking up!  It was awesome!

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