The Un-Bedtime Story

Like many of my fellow DisDads part of my “Dad” responsibilities is reading to my daughters before bed time. I want to discuss something I think is just as important as reading is, it is sharing. Sharing stories and experiences with our children strengthens and develops our relationship in so many ways.

My daughters love to hear me tell the story of the day they were born. I could sell out and give the quick version, but this is an opportunity to connect with them. I give all the details of how the morning started like any other day with their mommy having a doctor’s appointment and me going to work. One things lead to another and we are at the hospital getting ready for their arrival. I add in funny things like when the nurse was taking me to the OR and she said DO NOT touch anything blue. I walk in and everything is BLUE except the orange chair I was to sit in that was apparently recycled from my elementary school in the 70’s.

They also love to hear my wife and I share stories of what we were like as children (the coolest of course…not). And of course, like good children they love to re-tell these embarrassing stories to other people and complete strangers when they get the chance. The point is that when we share ourselves like this with our children we are letting them know we were once in their shoes and we made it! I hope I never get bored telling them and they never bore of hearing the stories either. We are Dad’s and this is what we do! Our children are our greatest treasures and every moment is another jewel in my treasure chest (aye matie!..must say in best Captain Barbosa voice)

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My family and I live in Indianapolis, IN. I am 37 years old and have been married for sixteen years. We have five year old twin daughters.

5 thoughts to “The Un-Bedtime Story”

  1. I love the idea of sharing stories of your youth as a way to tell your kids that you’ve been in their shoes before. And as parents we’re used to being weird and uncool anyway, so there’s really no downside if the kids repeat the stories elsewhere.

  2. Weird, uncool? Not this Dad. I’m totally hip and rad! (they still say rad, right?) I love the idea of sharing stories like this. We are always telling the girls about what it was like when we were kids. For some reason they laugh at us? I don’t get it. 🙂

  3. Good post. I know that I always have and still do enjoy stories about my parents and grandparents even growing up. I definitely hope to pass some of my experiences on down as well.

  4. Great post! My son loves hearing about my childhood as well. I once showed him a picture of me as a baby during one of our stories and he thought the picture was of himself.

  5. Great post….my kids find it hard to believe that my wife and I were kids at one time also! They like hearing about the old times when dinosaurs were roaming the Earth!

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