Spring Break – Turks and Caicos

Beaches – Turks and Caicos


This trip was a gift that my in-laws gave to us over the past year. They had been to this resort a couple of times and really wanted to share this with their grandkids. Who are we to deny their request?

The players:

So there was a total of 10 of us that traveled together:

MIL & FIL (both in their 70s)
SIL (42)
DNiece & DNephew (10)
DD (7)
DD (6)
DD (3)
DW (29ish)
me (37)

We all live in the Chicago area and so we were able to coordinate travel from O’Hare to the Turks and Caicos through Charlotte on US Air.

We left early on Saturday morning (flight time of 7:35) so we were all up and at em by 5am!!!

Things went very smoothly on the trip out. We got on our flight to Charlotte and all was well, we even landed early. (Woo hoo!)

Once in Charlotte, we only had 1:30 until our next flight (even with our early arrival) which gave us all enough time to get comfortable, those who hadn’t eaten were able to grab a bagel and next thing we knew, it was time to load up for the next hop.

I should point out now that our DD(7) is basically a boy. She is into video games, sports, and idolizes her boy cousin because of all the things he can do on his DS. So for this leg of the trip, the 2 of them sat together on the plane and exchanged tips and played their DS’s for 2.5 hours of quiet bliss. Elsewhere on the plane DW and DDs(6 & 3) didn’t quite have the same blissful quiet ride. No major incidences, just typical kids on airplanes stuff. “Mom, are we there yet?”, “I can’t see anything out of the window”, “Can I have more graham crackers”… that sort of thing.

All in all the trip went smoothly and we landed in Providenciales. From here we were herded through the immigration stations and got landing cards that allowed us to spend all our money on their island. We then loaded into a van and off to the Beaches Resort.

The drive to the resort took about 15-20 minutes, but the scenery around us was breathtaking. We arrived at the Italian Village section of the Beaches Resort and was welcomed by the woman that had booked our family and toured my in-laws around the Italian Village the last time they were there. It was a nice touch that seemed to set the tone for our visit.

Once we unloaded everyone from the van, we moved inside to check in and get our room assignments. It turns out that we had 3 consecutive rooms (10, 11, & 12). So as we were waiting for our rooms to be ready and get fully checked in the concierge staff provided tropical fruity beverages (with or without rum) and we were given a rundown of all the resort had to offer. Once we settled up there, we were escorted off to our rooms by Triston who then gave a detailed presentation on the amenities of the suites we booked. Once Triston was finished, we all changed into swimwear and got down to the business of vacation.

Over the next 6 days we effectively followed the following schedule:

Wake up
Pool / Waterslides / Beach
Nap / Downtime / swimming
Bed time

It was a great trip.

A couple of highlights of our trip were the following:

1) Sesame Street Gang Parade / Junk-Anew band.

2) Fire breathing Dragon Man / Reggae Show

3) X-Box Lounge (for DD#1 & DNephew)

4) Teppanyaki Dinner

The Junk-Anew band was very interesting, very entertaining and very loud. Basically they had clackers, shakers, drums and horns that they all made by recycling (hence Junk-Anew) other materials (such as barrels for drums, etc.) They definitely had a great rhythm and the beat was very catchy and you can dance to it. I’ll give them a 72. (Sorry, am I showing my age here?)

The Fire Eater / Fire Breathing Dragon Man show was very exciting, so much so that DD#1 & DNephew decided they wanted to go to the X-Box lounge to play. Now I haven’t quite figured this out yet, but DD#1 is a bit of a sensory kid, she is sensory seeking but doesn’t like loud places, yet, walks into this X-Box lounge where there are 30+ machines making noises etc, and feels right at home. Go figure, as long as she was having fun, its vacation! As for the Fire Eater show the rest of us really enjoyed it.

On the Friday night we were able to book the whole family for dinner together at the Japanese teppanyaki place where the kids loved the show that our cook put on. He even got them all involved in trying to catch pieces of scrambled eggs that he would flip off his spatula. The great thing was that he also got DD#3 involved by flipping some fresh veggies to her with a spoon since her allergies didn’t allow her to partake in the greater meal.

One other highlight of the trip is that we were able to have a photo session with the entire family and got some very nice shots. The colors of the sand against the colors of the water were absolutely amazing.

Over all the resort staff was very good and routinely went above and beyond what I would have expected. We were very happy with the experience and were sad to leave when it was time to go home.

7 thoughts to “Spring Break – Turks and Caicos”

  1. Really cool – thanks for sharing! We honeymooned in Aruba and want to take the kids there someday but we’re trying to figure out the best age to take them.
    How were the character interactions? Similar to Disney in the “interactivity” level or more of a “I’m getting paid minimum wage to stand here and wave while you take the picture?”
    The firebreather looks awesome! Finally we found another use for Beverly!

    And what’s behind the curtain in the bedroom? Ocean views?

  2. Looks like an awesome trip. I love the pictures of everyone out on the beach. Staring at water that color never, ever gets old.

    I have to agree with Barry that the firebreather looks way cool. Of course, anything involving fire is cool.

    I’m glad you guys had a great time!

  3. The beach shots were fantastic! I learned to breathe fire when I was a teenager – I can still pull it out from time to time to amaze friends or scare off the neighbors. Mostly the latter.

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. Barry:

    The character interactions were somewhere between minimum wage and Disney, they weren’t quite as engaging as the Disney characters, but much more than the “Six Flags” characters that we have at Great America.

    As for the curtain, there was a postage stamp sized patio that overlooked the pool areas. If you look at some of the pool pics you can see the patios on the buildings.


    The water color there was something I had not seen in any other beach vacation I’ve ever taken (hence the pics of the water). I’ve been to 3 other islands in the Caribbean, the Riviera Maya in Mexico, and a couple of islands in Hawaii and nothing has compared to the clarity here.

  5. Thanks so much for the Trip Report with the great pictures! It looks like a fun place to visit and relax!

  6. Great write-up – that beach is GORGEOUS. The closest thing I’ve ever seen to water that color was the water in the Mediterranean off the coast of Dahab, Egypt.

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