1. Disney College Blog – Are you reading Amanda’s blog? Following @discollegeblog on Twitter? If not, you should be. Though she started her blog with a focus on college students, over the year-plus she’s been writing, it’s become a great read for Disney fans of all ages.

2. The Lost Boys List Podcast – I hadn’t started listening to this one yet when we did our podcast show, and I’ve only had a chance to listen to one episode so far. But I like what I’ve heard. They focus on lists built around Walt Disney World topics, with thoughtful and interesting contributions both from the Lost Boys themselves, and guests that they invite from around the Disney community.

3. Big thanks this week to Captain Oblivious, for a terrific, thought-provoking blog post here at disdads.com about the most important things that we, as Dads, hope that our children learn.

4. Barring a last-minute surprise, it looks like I might finally get some extra time to get to the updates I’ve been wanting to make on this site. That’ll have to do for a bright side if Congress decides that my co-workers and I need to take an unpaid furlough while they play brinksmanship games.

5. If you’re enjoying the disdads.com site and/or our podcast, please consider supporting the site by purchasing Disney-related stuff through the Dis Dads Commissary, linked on the right. All of the sales are through Amazon, and we receive a percentage of each sale to help offset the costs of running the site. I’ve also committed to contributing a portion of the proceeds to the Dis Dads charity of choice, Give Kids the World.

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