13 thoughts to “Monday Poll: What’s your favorite place to eat in Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Why?”

  1. The Yak&Yeti counter services is awesome. My wife and I get 1 entree to split and it is the perfect size to fill us up. Not being a cheapskate just dont like to walk around in 110 degree 100% weather. The orange chicken is phenom!!

  2. Just discovered Flame Tree BBQ on the last trip and loved it. The food was very good, and the “hidden” outdoor seating areas and gardens down by the pond clinch it for me.

  3. Wish I could comment on this….but I’ve never been to AK! Hoping to remedy that very soon.

  4. Flame Tree in a landslide! 1/2 chicken, beans and a corn bread muffin..mmmmm…I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

  5. Went with Pizzafari…mainly cause everyone in the family loves the Itallian Sub. the indoor decor is pretty neat too.

    FT is OK…but better BBQ is to be had in Tennessee. and I’ve only had the snack size Chicken fried rice at Anandpur.

    I’ve heard Tusker House is somewhat like Boma…which if true…would not be for me…but I know some of the Dads love Boma.

    Family loves Rainforest…but we’ve only eaten at the one in DTD and one in Nashville.

  6. Flame Tree! No doubt!!! Of course you’ll find better BBQ outside the park…but inside WDW this is one of the best BBQ places. My 2-yr-old daughter loves the fruit plate (with yogurt) at FT so everyone in the family can eat there. Though my lil girl did eat a bit of the ribs. 😉

    Plus, there’s areas of FT that have great views and even some quiet, secluded spots.

    Just watch out for the “friendly” ducks. LOL

    At #3 (because Flame Tree is #1 and #2) is Yak & Yeti Quick/Counter Service. Good eats. Used to like Pizzafari but grew tired of it quickly.

  7. This is another vote I’ll have to sit out on. I’ve never eaten in AK. We’ve always been in the park at RD, ride what we want to ride and then leave by lunch time. This trip, we’ll plan to take it a little slower and maybe check out Rafiki’s planet watch and a few other things we’ve never cared to do before. I can’t vote for it because I haven’t been there yet, but I really, really want to try Flametree.

  8. I’m like a couple of the dads here in that I’ve never really experienced the dining at Animal Kingdom. We ate at the character breakfast at Restaurantosaurus our two previous trips, and then ate lunch there the last trip. AK has always been a snack during the day place because we always do Hoop-Dee-Doo that night, so we try to eat light.

    Next year, though, we’re making a point of spending more than one day in AK so that we can A.) eat at Flame Tree and B.) experience Animal Kingdom after 3 p.m. Believe it or not, every single trip to AK, we’ve left before the parade.

  9. I personally love flame tree! Where else can you get BBQ? Being a Texan the smell of the wood burning brings me back to the younger days! I live in Philly so the only thing I smell here is car fumes!
    My wife and kids absolutely love the rainforest! Every year my kids get the slushy thing with the plastic animal attached to the straw. They have every one from every year we have taken them! Expensive for a little plastic monkey.. But hey it’s what they do.!!

  10. Tusker House is a must-do for us on our AK days. The food is very good, the CMs there are some of the friendliest in any restaurant at WDW, and, my pick for the best “freebie” at WDW, if you make an ADR between 1pm and 1:45pm, you get priority seating at the 3:15pm Finding Nemo show. Any time you can avoid standing in a line through the clever use of sitting down and eating lunch, it’s a big win in my book.

  11. I like Yak & Yeti. We ate there on our first day of our 2010 trip and everyone enjoyed their meals. That can be a tough thing to find, a place where everyone likes the food. I don’t remember what I had but I sampled from my wife’s plate and it was just as good as mine. I would feel confident in recommending Y&Y to anyone going to AK.
    Plus, you can’t beat having lunch in an air conditioned place.

  12. Yak & Yeti!

    We ate lunch there on day a few trips ago and I have been wanting to go back ever since. But these last two trips, we never ended up back at Animal Kingdom. If we make it over to Animal Kingdom on our upcoming summer trip, I plan on getting some of those awesome Thai Chile Chicken Wings appetizer, the succulent Baby Back Ribs in a Hoisin sauce, and one of my favorite desserts at The World: the Mango Pie (think Key Lime pie, but made with Mangoes instead.)

    That place is very underrated, in my opinion.

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