DIS Dads Podcast Episode 3 – The Magic Kingdom, MANLAW, and 10 Questions

Host: AJRitz
Panelists: theduck619, Disney Commando, DisDadDoc, carlnix30

Episode 3 features not one, but two separate segments about the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. It opens with a discussion of touring strategies for the MK, and closes with the panelists sharing their Top 3 Magic Kingdom rides. In between, Disney Commando took his turn on the 10 Questions hot seat and DisDadDoc shared a preview of his upcoming Easter week trip to Walt Disney World.

Special thanks this week to prattpak, for handling the initial editing and our Podcast producer Josh Haas. We gave them a more difficult editing job than usual this time, and they still made us sound smarter than we are in real life. Josh also created our intro music. The podcast was edited and mixed at Pi Productions by A Veil Lifted.

6 thoughts to “DIS Dads Podcast Episode 3 – The Magic Kingdom, MANLAW, and 10 Questions”

  1. So far I’ve only listened to the first 3 segments…my subconscious self may have heard the rest…but I don’t recall…don’t take offense it was a Ny-Quil induced comma…not the material. ;o)

    I remember you asking for Touring plans for the Magic Kingdom. My last 2-3 trips have had at least 2 days devoted to the Magic Kingdom…so that changes things a little.

    This is an ideal plan…and I’ve had close too these experiences…not exact.

    Day one usually is an early day for us…we may make the rope drop…or just miss it see the train pulling away as our Monrail arrive. Regardless…DW and the DSs make a bee line to one of their favorite attrations…yep you guessed it…the Main Street Emporium. I have already gathered the tickets for FP’s. I make my way thru the emporium and head out the back of Casey’s to get our first FP’s (typically BTM or Splash) if one of my DSs tags along we stop at POTC on the way back get in a quick ride or 2 while waiting to hear from DW. Who can usually find me eating my first Dole Whip.

    If the Jungle Cruise is not to busy we hop in there…then make our way to POTC…and then to our FP…by then we can get FP #2 for the other attraction(BTM/Splash) before we ride the current FP…by the time we finish FP #1…FP#2 is almost ready…so…we ride it.

    Then we head down Frontierland…toward Liberty Square…shops are involved…that when I go get Peter Pan FP’s…I make my way back and we may catch both the Country Bears and go thru the Frontierland-Adventurland connection and see the Tiki Birds (man I miss the original).

    LUNCH!!! then maybe a quick nap inside the Hall of Presidents.

    Haunted Mansion…then our Peter Pan Ride…IASW… Philharmagic…Snow White…Pooh if the line is short…if its not we go check out Philharmagic again.

    Somewhere there were more shops involved and I have aquired Space Mt. FP’s…but we tackle Toontown next. Both kids love the Barnstormer…Mel sits this one out…and shops in the big tent…from there we take on Tomorrowland…Buzz…Stitch…Monsters…CoP…TTA…The boy both like the Speedway too. Mel has back problems and Space Mt is just too rough for her…so she will shop while we FP that…then maybe another ride on Buzz and the TTA.

    By now it’s Wishes time…and we usually catch parade #2 if there are two parades the day we are there.

    At the end of parade #2 the park closes…but it’s EMH night… If we didn’t make the Jungle Criuse…we head there…cool ride at night…especially the back side of water. POTC…BTM and Splash…then another ride that is better at night…the Haunted Mansion…Peter Pan is a walk on…Oh look Pooh is a walk on too. Buzz…Space Mt…TTA…The Astro Orbiter Rocks at night…wow what a spectacular view…oh look it’s 2AM…guess we better head to our resort and crash.

  2. Listened to podcast #3 last night. Once again great job on moderating Aaron. Really enjoyed everyone’s perspectives on this. I believe Chris made the comment “it’s your kids vacation too.” It’s a very simple statement that really seems to sum up why we do a lot of these things.

    One of the things not brought up on touring is using the lines app to check what time FP’s available for and modifying your touring plan based on that. Because the next FP availability is based on the start of the window for FP’s currently in your possession (with a max of 2 hours) you can maximize riding by getting earlier FP’s.
    For example if the time is currently 9 am and the FP window for BTMRR is 9:45-10:45 and the FP window for space mountain is 10:45-11:45, by choosing to get the BTMRR FP’s first you’ll be able to get your next FP an hour earlier than if you chose SM first. This strategy works for us at MK and Epcot, but at HS we have to tweak it because of TSM and how long its lines are. When I’m in a park I’ll also usually make a mental note of how FP’s times are going up to help with this. Typically I find Space Mountains times go up faster than BTMRR.

    We usually take a break at the resort in the afternoon. If we are coming back to the same park, I’ll usually grab FP’s for a ride on the way out so that we can use them when we come back later in the afternoon.

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