After gaining some experience last week moving my wife’s law office to Google For Your Domain for her Email and Calendaring, I think it might be really useful here too. It has some benefits and some drawbacks – I’m going to try and lay them out as best I can here. Please add your comments below. I’ll make a decision about using Google For Your Domain here based on those comments.


  1. Better Email management for Email addresses. People would have control over setting their own passwords. I’m not particularly comfortable being the keeper of others’ Email passwords, but there’s no way to automate this using the current system.
  2. Shared and Public Calendars – this would give us an easy way to share scheduled trips, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  3. Google Docs – would give us a place to share planning spreadsheets and other documents that currently get passed around via PM/Email


  1. Limited to 50 accounts in the free version. We have over 400 DISDads, but accomodating everyone would force us from the free plan and into the paid plan, which even for a non-profit group would be over $1,200/year.
  2. The few who already have DISDads Email accounts may have a day or so of inconvenience, while we wait for the switchover to GFYD to propagate across DNS
  3. I don’t want to create any kind of sense of “tiered” membership. We’re ALL DISDads, and I don’t want to create conflict by being unable to accomodate everyone.
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