1. The Disney Food Blog – if you’re planning on eating while at Walt Disney World, you should be reading this blog. If you’re NOT planning on eating while at WDW, why are you reading this blog? Great reviews, food porn pics, and special food event information – this is THE site to read about food at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

2. And while I’m mentioning The Disney Food Blog, A.J. has recently published the phenomenal E-Book, “The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining”. I just bought it this week, and have only barely gotten into it, but it is over 250 pages for great tips and helpful guidance. At less than $20, the DFB Guide is an indispensable tool for Walt Disney World trip planning.

3. Big thanks to all of this week’s contributing Dis Dads: Freezin’ Rafiki and cj9200

4. I don’t know that I have anything pithy to add to the topic here, but the cost of transportation to Walt Disney World is really getting to be problematic. Plane fares are increasing across the board – even Southwest is in on the increases this time around. And with gas prices rising, driving doesn’t necessarily represent a substantial savings either (especially if you’re as far away as I am, and the 20+ hour drive means you’ll have to pay for a stop along with way too). I saw at least one analyst suggesting that gas prices this summer could peak as high as $5/gallon. I don’t have any magic answers folks. Guess I’ll just be doing my best to save my pennies for the next trip.

5. A shoutout to RyanKilpatrick and his Disney Film Project. His laudable goal is to watch and critique every Disney movie ever made. He’s been sharing his results on the Disney Film Project blog and also on the Disney Film Project Podcast along with Todd Perlmutter, Cheryl Perlmutter, and Briana Alessio. He involves his readers with what he calls a “tweetwatch” – during which readers watch a Disney movie at the same time, and use Friendfeed to discuss what they’re watching together via Friendfeed chat. I’m looking forward to participating some time soon!

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