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  1. As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m a true Disney newbie. But I went ahead and answered the poll, because there are some pretty specific reasons why I prefer an on-property Deluxe Disney resort. First, sleeping space is important to us. I’m a big guy, and my wife has some issues with Restless Leg Syndrome. We’re used to sleeping in a king-sized bed, though we can sleep OK in a queen-sized bed. A double bed? It’s been a dozen years since we’ve shared a full size bed, and I can’t imagine either of us getting a decent night’s sleep sharing a full size bed.

    Then there’s my squirmy kids. We tried having them share a bed while we were on vacation last summer. No go. Neither of them sleep. They mess around with each other, playing and annoying one another. So they each need their own sleeping spot. The hotel we were in last summer had two queen beds and no room for another sleeping location, so my wife and I each slept with one kid. That was just for a few days. For a week at Disney? My wife and I wanted to share a bed together.

    At Disney, that automatically eliminated the Value resorts. There are now a couple of Moderate resorts with queen beds, so we COULD have done that. But only POR has double beds and has rollaways, but they won’t guarantee a rollaway with fewer than five people staying in the room. And once the rollaway is there, the room is very crowded. Despite that, we were leaning toward POR until we got a PIN code for a 40% discount at a Deluxe Resort. With the big discount, we doubled-down on the luxury and get a room with two queen beds and a daybed. One of the kids can easily sleep on the daybed, so my wife and I get to share a bed and the kids each get a bed of their own. AND we decided to go for the convenience of the Concierge Lounge.

    The other viable option for us would have been an offsite rental. I looked into that a bit. But we decided that we liked the easy ability to get the kids back to the resort for an afternoon rest and the cost-certainty and convenience of the Disney Dining Plan, which were only available onsite.

    It remains to be seen whether Deluxe Resorts will remain our preferred choice for subsequent trips (we have long-term plans to return in early December for Squeaker’s birthday in a couple of years). We may not be able to resist returning sooner than we will have time to save for another Deluxe Concierge Lounge stay.

  2. Since we own DVC, all we stay at are the DVC resorts, which Disney considers Deluxe resorts. And are they ever! I’m a notorious cheapskate, especially when it comes to hotels. I would never shell out what Disney asks for these types of rooms at rack rate. Since DW and I bought into DVC, however, it makes these types of rooms accessible to us. We typically get a 1 bedroom villa. The king size bed in the bedroom for DW and I and the pull out queen sofa for the kids. Luckily, they are ok sharing a bed on vacation, other wise we’d be in the same boat as AJ.
    We love the full kitchen. We don’t cook too much in it, but it is very convenient to have it when needed.
    We’ve stayed at Saratoga Springs, Old Key West, The Beach Club Villas, Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom. We’re going back to Animal Kingdom in December.
    We’ve been spoiled by DVC, but that’s not to say that the moderate or value hotels are slums. Pre-DVC we stayed at Pop Century and Caribbean Beach – both of which were very, very nice resorts.

  3. If it’s someone else’s dime, I vote for deluxe. If it’s my dime, I vote for moderate.

    I’ve never stayed in the Value resorts, but my suspicion is they’d be perfectly fine for as much time as you actually spend in the room. We stayed at Port Orleans: Riverside and thought it was fantastic. All of the moderates are really beautiful resorts, and they give you that extra bit of Disney theming that really keeps the magic alive when you leave the parks.

    I’d never pay full price for a Deluxe, but they are fantastic if you get the chance. We did the Wilderness Lodge with a 40% off discount and fell head over heels in love with the place.

    Off-site could save money, which is tempting, but for me staying on-site is part of the package. The theming is one of the things I love most about Disney. Whatever the theme is, you feel like you’re there. That atmosphere continues into the resort areas. That’s worth the little bit extra for me.

  4. We stayed at the All Star Sports resort in March the nigh before our cruise and I swore I would NEVER do that againg! Ok I am a hotel snob! I admit it! I need room to spread out and not be tripping over someone every time you go our your doot.

    With the exception of this most recent trip we stay at our Hilton Time Share. It is like being at home, and since we rent a car (I am a control freak too) we dont have a problem driving to the parks or anywhere else we want to go.

    When we were growing up my parents would always stay at the Contemporary Resort. We loved it. I especially loved the boats that you could rent and drive out back of the resort. I don’t know if they even still do that or not. We would always get a great rate there. I would call and stay…I call earlier and I was quoted a rate of xxx on such and such date. Then they would give it to me…not like that anymore ha ha.


  5. We usually stay at one of the Port Orleans resorts. We have found that staying off site doesn’t compare to the Disney magic at the resorts. I would say our favorite resort (besides the AKL, where we stayed once) is POFQ. It’s small, has good bus service, a secluded hot tub and we really enjoy sitting outside the food court and having a sundae while listening to the music and watching people walk by. It’s also a short walk or boat ride to POR, where Bob Jackson performs, and a pleasant boat ride to DTD. To us, the price of the Moderates is very good when you consider you’re right on property. We also enjoyed our stay at CSR in 2000.

  6. Another Dvc’er (home is SSr) here so we pretty much stay at Dcv resorts now,Have stayed at SSR,OKW,BWV,.Prior to Dvc we have stay at the Poly,Contemp,POR.Having a big family (7) we need the space so we get a two bedroom.Without the Dvc I would never be able to fork out the cash for a 2 bedroom.So for now its pretty simple on why we stay where.Now as far as which DVC ? I prefer the BWV or BCV because of their location.We love being able to walk right into Epcot and being short walk to the Studios.If We didn’t have the DVC we would probally stay at the contemp or poly for the convenience of the monorail.However I would have no problems stayiing at Port Orleans Riverside as it is a great resort.

  7. OK, I had to vote Other.

    Our preferred (no stings attached) would be Deluxe on property (Loved Poly last Nov) however, when we incorporate that little thing called reality and financial planning, I’m going to say off-property rental condo. I’ve been pricing out a potential trip and I found I can get a 3 br condo for about the same cost as a Moderate room. The tipping point for this is Megan is getting bigger and soon we will not fit in the standard size rooms at Disney.

  8. If you’ve ever actually read all of the gibberish at the bottom of my signature on the boards, then you’ll know that I’ve stayed in most of the hotels on property at WDW, plus 5 of the 7 Downtown Disney resorts on Hotel Plaza Blvd (which is technically on-site, but viewed as the red-headed stepchild in so many forums calling it off-site) as well as numerous others nearby off-site. I’ve stayed in all 4 of the resort categories: Value, Moderate, Deluxe, and Deluxe Villas or Home Away from Home Villas as they are sometimes referred to. I’ve enjoyed most of where I’ve stayed. Since we are DVC members, we do stay only in the DVC resorts now, but I am not opposed at all to stay in a value resort if I’m there by myself. My wife would love to go back to Port Orleans Riverside and stay sometime.

    We have always tried to save some money while on vacation. My DW is a phenomenal cheapskate and is always trying to cut the bill, so in-room eating has always been on the docket for us in some fashion. Whether it’s cold cereal breakfasts, or some kind of heat it up in the microwave thing for a lunch or dinner – we’ve always included at least a few in-room meals on vacation. But with DVC we are able to do so much more. Now we can and do make full meals throughout our stays. We either pack and bring a bunch of easy to make meals, or go out to a store or have groceries delivered in and cook, cook, cook. My latest TR on the boards (the Triple Whammy one) talks a lot about food in the room.

    Being a family of 5 does reduce the options a bit at WDW for regular rooms, but DVC expanded those options for us. We love having a 1 BR villa, but found we really liked the 2 BR villa too when we were there in January. We’re content with a 1 BR for now, but as the boys get larger (my eldest is now my size and the middle one is catching up), having them share in the living room is getting less and less appealing to them – so we know 2 BR’s are on our horizon in the next year or so. The Treehouses are terrific for having extra space!!

    As a couple or later as a family we’ve stayed on-site at: Grand Floridan; Polynesian; Swan; Dolphin; Doubletree Suites (DTD Area); Holiday Inn (DTD Area – was the Courtyard when we stayed there); Best Western (DTD Area); Pop Century (twice); Caribbean Beach; Coronado Springs; Port Orleans Riverside (twice); Boardwalk Villas; Animal Kingdom Villas (twice); Old Key West; Saratoga Springs (both regular and the Treehouses); Wilderness Lodge Villas.

    DVC has certainly made it possible for a family of 5 to afford some pretty darn nice accomodations that I wouldn’t necessarily pay cash for – certainly not rack rates!

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