1. TouringPlans.com – We may be one of the last Disney blogs/podcasts NOT at least sometimes sponsored by TouringPlans.com, but I’m a huge fan of the site and its services anyway. It’s a subscription site in a sea of free information, and it’s worth every penny. The long-term crowd calendar is indispensible for planning a trip that, for many WDW travelers, starts nine-months or more before the actual trip. And once you’re in the parks, their Lines app (for iPhone, Android, and other smartphone platforms) is indispensible for navigating from attraction to attraction with the least amount of time wasted in line possible.

2. Wedway Radio Podcast – (iTunes link) Join the Parrish brothers for lively and engaging discussion about Disney Park topics, with a focus on historical development.

3. Thanks to this week’s contributing DISDads – Captain Oblivious, DisneyFed and podcasters @prattpak1, BigTex71 and DEA (Episode 2 should be out by Monday).

4. Lots of controversy about the updates to the Haunted Mansion queue at the Magic Kingdom. Here’s a preview: from the Disney Park Blog. What say you? Win, Fail, or Meh? (Thanks for the categories @BetaMouse).

5. It’s NCAA National Championship Basketball Tournament time, my favorite time of year! So far, Cinderella seems to have taken up housekeeping in the Southwest Region, where Morehead State and Richmond are fighting over the glass slipper. Meanwhile, Louisville wears the Goofy shoes, as the first top-4 seed to lose. My Jayhawks take the floor for the first time against Boston U in Tulsa at 5:45 p.m. CDT tonight. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK, KU!!

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