Monday Poll: What’s your favorite Epcot World Showcase dining experience? Why?

Vote in the poll over to the right, but tell us in the comments below which Epcot World Showcase dining experience is your favorite. The question was phrased specifically to encourage you to think beyond the food and to consider all of the other elements of the your dining experience as well, including service, entertainment, and overall value.

6 thoughts to “Monday Poll: What’s your favorite Epcot World Showcase dining experience? Why?”

  1. I know you said to think beyond the food, but I went with Le Cellier…because of the food. It’s my favorite place to eat at WDW. I really want to try Via Napoli next time I go.

  2. So far, I’ve gotten to experience Le Cellier, Akershaus, and La Hacienda de San Angel. We have an ADR for Via Napoli for our June trip, and I’m very much looking forward to it. La Hacienda was very good, and I really enjoyed our window table overlooking the water. The food was good, but I don’t recall it being outstanding.
    Le Cellier is awesome not only for the food, but the atmosphere. I love the celler look & feel, and the subtle maple leaf theme was very well done.
    However, I think I have to vote for Akershaus. The castle themeing, while not as “regal” as Cinderella’s Royal Table is still very impressive. I thought the food was fantastic and very different from what I would normally eat, thus adding to the experience. Our waitress was very nice and her enthusiasm for her native Norway was palpable. Oh yeah, and there’s princesses, which my kids loved.
    It was a close call, but I’ll give it to Akershaus over Le Cellier by a nose.

  3. Boy, you can’t really go wrong with these choices (unless you picked the Hacienda). I chose Teppen Edo, because my kids love the cooking on the table experience. Plus, they go out of their way to make plain noodles for my very picky eating, peanut-allergic son. But Remy is a hoot at Chefs de France, and although my daughter has outgrown the princesses a bit, I’ve always preferred the Akershaus experience to Cinderella’s castle. Ariel is a riot to joke around with. Try showing her how you eat with a dinglehopper! Le Cellier has the best food, and the CM there are some of the nicest in WDW. Very excited to try Via Napoli in a month!

  4. Wow…. I had to abstain from the vote.

    I’ve never eaten at La Hacienda, but if it were in the poll my vote would have been for San Angel Inn. I like the food there and I love the ambience of eating “outdoors” at the foot of the temple as boats sail past.

    That said, I’ve never tried Le Cellier yet, although I would love to and I’m sure the food there would make it a top pick if it is half as good as I hear it is.

    Also, I haven’t been since Via Napoli and Tutto Italia opened, but I am an Italian food junkie, and I’m relatively certain either of those would be at or near the top of my list. If we can fit them in, I really want to try both Italian places and Le Cellier when we go later this year. My wife may have other ideas though…

  5. Have to abstain as I’ve never eaten at any of these places. Although for the record, I would have to sway a vote for Le Cellier, if only for the Canadian loyalty.

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