Episode 59 - Celebrating WDW's 50th with Jay CrockerHost: Aaron Rittmaster
Co-Hosts: Tim Hicks & Willie Crocker
Special Guest: Jay Crocker

The Disney Genie service launch delayed the publication of this one. Jay Crocker is back, joining Aaron, Willie and (eventually) Tim to talk about his vacation, celebrating Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary. We cover it all – crowds, touring, parks, attractions, and (maybe especially) food.

Are you headed to Walt Disney World during the celebration? If you are, consider taking The Mr. Toad Dome Cake Challenge:Mr Toad Dome Cake

  1. Go to Friar’s Nook in the Magic Kingdom
  2. Order a Mr. Toad Dome Cake ($7.99)
  3. Take a video of yourself consuming the entire Mr. Toad Dome Cake (and, ideally, offering your commentary on the experience).
  4. Send the video to podcast@disdads.com
  5. Note: If you send in your video, you are providing us with an irrevocable, non-exclusive license to use the video file however we wish to use it.
  6. The person who submits the first video we receive of someone COMPLETELY CONSUMING a Mr. Toad Dome Cake will receive a DISDads.com coffee mug completely free! If we receive additional submissions, in our sole discretion we may award additional coffee cup prizes.

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