The 2319 Episode 2 - Dave & Ellie Adams

2319 Participants: Dave & Ellie Adams

Has it really been a month since we introduced this brand-new show concept? The DAD Show is once again bringing you a daddy-daughter chat with the September 2019 edition of The 2319. This time, it’s the guy who came up with this show’s concept bringing you the content too, as Dave Adams sits down to chat with his daughter Ellie. We’ll be bringing you similar episodes the third Wednesday of each month (at least for now), filling one of the usual DAD Show slots in our schedule.

The 2319 is a close-up, unfiltered look at Dad/Child relationships and experiences in the DISDads community. Dads are invited to interview their child or children. DISDad Dave Adams is developing a questionnaire that can be used to provide some initial prompts, but the whole idea here is relaxed conversations that go wherever the moment takes them. There’s no interviewer, and you don’t really need any special equipment – just a voice recorder app on your phone. Sound like fun? Email Dave Adams, and he’ll help find a spot for your on our schedule.

The 2319 is sponsored by Kingdom Strollers, Orlando’s Premium Stroller and Crib Rental source.

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