1. The DIS Discussion Boards – Yes, they’re huge and sometimes confusing. Yes, some people are rude and judgmental. But it’s a great source of information, and the overwhelming majority of people are friendly and helpful. And it’s where the Dis Dads Club gathers, in a thread on the Disney for Families forum.

2. Five Minute Magic – the fan-created podcast that got me thinking, “Hey, let’s put on a podcast!”

3. HUGE thanks to all of the Dis Dads who have stepped up to help jumpstart this site and the Dis Dads Podcast – too many to name everyone individually (and I’d leave someone out accidentally), but seven guys pitching in on a podcast on about a one-week notice, with many more sharing thoughs and ideas and stepping up with posts for the website – just AWESOME!

4. Disney’s “NextGen” project (and advance FastPasses, in particular) is neither cause for celebration or condemnation – yet. Henry Work with the BetaMouse podcast gets it. It’s ALL about implementation.

5. Big thanks to @WhatsChrisDoing for the positive feedback on Dis Dads Podcast Episode 1. That first compliment from “the audience” is a real inspiration to keep our little experiment going and continuing to improve.

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