By popular demand, DISDads Hawaiian shirts are here. I LOVE the design, created by the supremely talented Kevin Quigley, co-host of The Thirty20Eight Podcast. Production of these shirts takes a bit more than a t-shirt. This design isn’t printed on top of the shirt. Rather, the design is essentially “baked-in” to the 100% nylon fabric through a process called dye sublimation. Then the fabric is custom-cut and sewn to create the shirts. The result is a soft, slightly stretchy shirt in strong, vibrant color that doesn’t crack, peel, or fade.

In order to raise the funds to kick start production of these shirts, the first 10 shirts are being sold as part of premium packages at a higher cost. Purchasers of one of the 5 Maui Packages will receive a DISDads coffee mug and a DISDads tumbler, in addition to their shirt. All three items together are a $121 retail value, being sold for a base price of $100 (plus any up charge for shirts larger than XL). The five Tamatoa Packages each include both a shirt and a tumbler, and all 10 of the premium packages will ship out two weeks before shirt-only purchases.

As soon as the 10 special package have been purchased, we’ll set a deadline for shirt-only purchases. Because of the unit cost of these shirts, we can’t really afford to carry inventory. So we can’t send the shirts to production until the orders are in. Once we send to production, they get turned around pretty quickly. Packages will be sent first to Maui Package and Tamatoa Package purchasers, and then the rest of the shirt orders will be fulfilled approximately two weeks later. The sooner you all get your orders in, the sooner the shirts will go to production.

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