Podcast LogoI’d like to keep the momentum going for our podcast, and in the spirit of striking while the iron is hot I’d like to start putting together our second episode. The consensus from Episode 1 is that, while we managed it well, there were just too many voices in the rom. So what I’m looking for are four or five people who would be available to join me to record on Tuesday, March 15 at 9 p.m. Central Time. I don’t want to discuss all of the topics for Episode 2 here, so that we don’t spoil the topics for our primary audience. But for this episode I would really like to have panelists who listen to (other) Disney podcasts.

If you are interested, please Email me at my user name at disdads.com and/or post a comment below here.

By the way, the rationale for choosing March 15 is that it gives us some flexibility – it’s next month, so we could still go with monthly releases, but it’s the middle of the month, so we could still get a second podcast in during the month of March if we want to go with bi-weekly releases.

Also, I want to extend a big thank you to prattpak’s brother, Brian Parrish. Brian is a professional design and marketing consultant, who did the logo work for us for free. Thank you for the great work Brian! (The logo image above links to Brian’s business).

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