Welcome to the DISDads Podcast – Episode 1

Today marks the official launch of the DISDads Podcast. Episode 1 features AJRitz hosting with club members prattpak, garyhman, BigTex71, DEA, DisDadDoc, Trennr, and DisDadC on the panel. This episode’s topics include:
1. Eating at Walt Disney World – DISDads Top 3 Table Service Restaurants
2. Recap of a Recent WDW Trip – prattpak reviewed his Grand Gathering trip from December
3. MANLAW – in this irregularly-featured topic, the panel discussed the importance of being there for a WDW theme park opening
4. Upcoming Trip Preview – DisDadDoc shared a preview of his upcoming April trip

Remember – this is our first effort. We are always looking to improve, so we welcome any constructive comments or criticisms. You should be able to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes soon. Once we’re available there, an iTunes review would be greatly appreciated!

12 thoughts to “Welcome to the DISDads Podcast – Episode 1”

  1. Sounds great so far!!! wish I would have not been booted.Listening while posting this.Great job as moderator! hopefully I can get in and stay in for the next one.

  2. Yeah, I like the ending. It’s not gunfire, but the explosion works.

    I need to remember to use the mute button on the Skype software rather than on my mic (it makes too much noise – kind of ironic.)

  3. Great job. Let me know when the next one will be and I’ll try to get on there. I’ll have a regular plug mike to start with, but I’ll be looking for one of the USB kind.

  4. Fantastic job on the podcast! Aaron you are a natural host!!! It was great to hear the voices that go with the names!

  5. Awesome first podcast. I especially enjoyed the Top 3 restaurants and Man Law segments. Getting to Rope Drop is a must-do on our vacation list. It allows us a chance to do everything we want in the opening hours and relax and enjoy a slower pace in the afternoon.

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