11 thoughts to “Podcast/Skype Test – Thursday, Feb. 24 at 9 p.m. Central”

  1. I don’t think I’ve responded yet, but I’d be willing to help out with the podcast. I can’t this Thursday, but keep me in mind for the future.

  2. Thursday’s I have Civil Air Patrol from 630 to 830 mst. I might be able to sneak in to the test though.

  3. Hmmm – the scheduling challenges come right off the bat. I’d really like to have prattpak included in the test, since he has graciously offered to be our “sound engineer”. Would this work better for people if we did the test tomorrow (Wednesday night) instead?

  4. No NO I shoot pool on tues and wed nights lol.Just kidding you pick what ever nights you want if I can help out I will.But Mons,Thurs,sats are best for me

  5. I’m willing to help out AJ if you need me. I’m know that I’m new to the group, but I would enjoy being part of the podcast. I know that I don’t know as much about you all as you know of each other and vice versa, but if you need me I can do it. I will send you and email too.

  6. Do I need to download skype to take part?? If so, just let me know and I’ll do it. Would love to be a part of the podcast.

  7. Billy – as I posted in the DDC thread on disboards, you need Skype and (preferably) a USB microphone. You do NOT need a webcam. We record audio only.

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