4 thoughts to “Podcast content poll”

  1. Put my vote(s) in. (C’mon I’m a Chicago boy, can’t expect us to stop at 1 vote).

    My exclusion of the favorite DisDad moment is that I have many I wouldn’t want to pick a favorite, now call it Memorable DisDad Moments… then you can have the same Dad offer multiple experiences without labeling it a “favorite” (or “Favourite” for those Canadian Dads)

    I love the thought of exchanging ideas of a few dads about what their favorite resort/attraction/restaurant is because this discussion can lead to some agreeable disagreements and offer multiple options for our wonderful listeners. (Obligatory optimism).

  2. We’ll get there Nate – can’t do it all in one podcast, or there won’t be any need for Episode #2! 🙂

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