19 thoughts to “Two New Podcast Icon Options”

  1. I like the original logo. I also like the logo with the dad head thinking with the Mickey in the bubble. My only concern is that the Mickey looks a lot like the Disney channel Mickey which may upset the mothership.

  2. I like the first one but as previously mentioned we should be careful about the copyrights on the logo and I’m not sure but the “D” in Dis could be of concern too.

  3. Let me pose this question, how do the podcaster’s you have listed on this page get away with it. ALL 4 of the ones listed have an iconic figure in thier logos. How does “Its a small world” vactions get away with that? As far as I know NONE of them are directly affiliated with the Mothership…..so????

  4. I don’t think we’ll have a problem with either the Mickey bubble or the D in DisDads. The reality is that Disney could probably shut down a lot of folks who are using Disney trademarks in commerce. They choose not to, because the vast majority of such sites are doing so in ways that support Disney and/or drive business to Disney. My inclination is to be more conservative about the use of trademarks than most, but that’s just the lawyer in me talking.

  5. Cool. Aaron I’ll trust your legal opinion over mine. These were just thoughts I had and wanted to be sure we were in compliance. Given this, I like the first one best.

  6. I have had a logitech headset w/mic in its packaging for over a year. It is now up and running and works great.

  7. Both are nice, but I like the 2nd one best. The Mickey Head in the thought bubble looks less like the Disney Channel logo, and the thinning hair on top of the first one kind of strikes close to home, if you know what I mean. 🙁 lol

  8. Its the hair thing isnt it? Lets just all have a moment and try to embrace our inner comb-over together, shall we?

  9. Well, there are a few Dads that are still part of the under 30 age designation that prefer not to have to think about that quite yet.

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