DISDads Podcast logo 1Comments to the Call for Volunteers post and the current DISDads thread at DISBoards.com suggest strong support for a DISDads Podcast, so I’m forging ahead to try and make it happen sooner rather than later. Mark (prattpak) has been especially helpful, enlisting his brother’s help designing a podcast logo and volunteering to assist with the recording/production end of the podcast. The goal of this post is to get us working on two primary issues, the first being that logo. The picture with this post is the logo that Mark’s brother has designed for us, and he has indicated that he’s willing to continue working on it, based on our suggestions/requests. Please comment below and let us know what you think.

The second issue is to get an idea of who would be willing to participate in our first podcast. My inclination is to record in the late evening, either on a Saturday night or during the week on a Monday or Wednesday. So far, the following people have volunteered, at least in the abstract:
Captain Oblivious
and maybe afwdwfan, when his equipment is up to it.

I’d like to record a sort of “proof of concept” episode in the next couple of weeks, and I’d like to discuss topics in a less public setting (so as not to spoil it for the other dads). I’m looking for three other people, with availability and the ability to participate in a Skype call in the next two weeks. Who’s in?

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