Call For Volunteers

I mentioned this in our thread over on the Disboards, but thought it would be easier to keep track of here. If you are interested and willing to become a regular contributor, please comment below. What I’m looking for, primarily, are people willing to do a couple of things:
1. Post regularly to this blog (frequency would depend on the number of volunteers we get to do this, but my goal is that we get 8 volunteers who are each willing to post once/month, which would give us two fresh blog posts/week).
2. Participate in a podcast – at this point, I’m thinking that once/month is a good starting point. If we develop a following and we all get into it, we can consider doing it more frequently. I’d like to get three Dads who’d be willing to join me. We’d probably record in the late evening (after the younguns are off to bed). My plan is to do a recorded Skype teleconference. It doesn’t have to be the same three Dads every month. A rotation would be great too – fresh perspectives and all. Once we get a group of participants, we can start brainstorming topics. In true DISDads form, I’d like to keep the podcast fairly short – no more than 30 minutes. If we end up with more than 30 minutes worth of content, maybe we can cut it up into multiple episodes.

Once we get those two things up and running, we can talk more about using other social media to promote our blog and podcast (like our existing DisDads group on Facebook).

14 thoughts to “Call For Volunteers”

  1. Thanks for the notice on the disboards. I can help blog. Ill probably need a better nickname though…

  2. I would be willing to participate with blog or podcast. its recorded right? LoL are you going to have requests for topics as far as blogs?

  3. Chris and Carl, I’ve updated each of your statuses to “Author”. Don’t worry about writing yet (unless you’re so moved to write something in particular that is timely). Once I have a better idea of who’s volunteering, I’ll try to put together some kind of schedule so that we can keep fresh content getting posted consistently.

  4. As I said over on the DDC thread – I’m happy to help, and post once again. I liked my trivia posts, and would like to that again. I also can contribute other things from time to time as well. I can help on the back side too – whatever you need.

  5. I’m pretty sure I’m already an author. Since, you know, I’ve authored posts already. I’d love to keep doing it going forward!

  6. I’d like to help out, also, the podcast thing sounds like it would be fun. Add me to the list of potential contributors.

  7. I’d definitely like to help out. I don’t know if I have the equipment necessary for a podcast, but that might be easily remedied. At the very least I’m up for helping with the blog.

    As far as Chris goes, wouldn’t the obvious nickname be “Doc”? I think every group has to have a “Doc”.

  8. Im in AJ! Let me know when and where I’m needed. I have a mic and headset and a skype acct. Just skyped with the wife last night in DC.

  9. I’m not sure how much useful content I could provide…but I would love to help.

    I would definately love to be part of a Podcast…give my perspective on things.

  10. I like the idea of posting on here… I really don’t know what to write about, but if I could come up with a good topic, I do enjoy doing some writing if others can stand to read it.

    I think the podcast discussion might be fun to get involved in at some point too. I currently don’t have everything I’d need to do it, but one of these days if I ever decide to leave the stone age, I might be interested at some point.

  11. As I replied in the DISdads thread on the DISboards, I would love to contribute a blog post once a month. I can’t guarantee Pulitzer-quality work, but it should at least be a somewhat unique.

    The podcast sounds fun, too!

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