Episode 542 - The State of the Star Wars Saga with Host: Aaron Rittmaster and Panel: Chris Papciak, Joshua Shusterman, Jonathan Rittmaster and Special Guests Wookiee Radio
Host: Aaron Rittmaster
Panel: Chris Paciak, Joshua Shusterman, DISKid Jonathan Rittmaster, and Special Guests Wookiee Radio

Mike, Ken and Derrick, from Wookiee Radio; and DISKid Jonathan Rittmaster join DISDads Podcast panelists Chris Paciak and Joshua Shusterman to discuss the State of the Star Wars Saga with Host Aaron Rittmaster. We talk about some of the fan-community controversies stirred up The Last Jedi, offer our own takes on the film, and where we think the overall saga is headed from here. WARNING: SPOILERS!!

What’s your take on the current state of the Star Wars Saga? Tell us about it!

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