I’m a relative newbie to the DIS Dad’s community (member #420), but when I noticed that this web domain was available, and I happened to have a hosting slot available, I figured I’d get this ball rolling. What this site becomes will be up to the Dads who participate. Of course the main “home” of the DIS Dad’s Club is, and will remain, whichever is the active DIS Dad’s Club thread on the DISboards.

So if you happen by here, and you’re not a DIS Dad’s member yet, please pop by our thread at the DISboards first. You’ll be assigned a member number and welcomed by the gang. If you’re already a member, by all means share your ideas of what you’d like to see happen at this site. You can leave comments to this post or post suggestions in our DISboards thread – I’m pretty good at keeping up these days. Thanks for the encouragement when I mentioned I was thinking about doing this. I look forward to sharing the experience with the rest of teh DIS Dad’s Club gang.

-AJRitz DISDad #420

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