These are the MAN LAWS, as decreed by the DISDad’s members:

  • Pictures or it didn’t happen!
  • There will be no discussion about bra sizes unless we include pictures like the one of Jasmine taken by FreezinRafiki (Reference)
  • Rope drop is absolutely worth while getting up to go and see. All Dis Dads should go to at least once. (Reference)
  • Putting my DS6 to bed tonight and the DW tells him to stop scratching his butt. On my way out of his room, I reply, “Yeah, your finger will stink.” The DW comes downstairs five minutes later and tells me that the boy said I was right. He’s washing his hands now. (Reference)
  • You can’t go on your next Disney Vacation until you finish the TR from your last one. Or at least it’s an Emma’s Dad Law. (Reference)
  • No DISDad will sit in seat while a woman, child, disabled or elderly person stands on bus… unless there is to many people between you to offer the seat (example: I’m in back and person is in front of bus and 15 people standing in between) or you are holding children. (Reference)
  • When you are traveling with your family to any Disney park, for any reason – be PRESENT with them, be ENGAGED with them, and for heaven’s sake, be RESPONSIVE to them. GET OFF your stupid electronic devices! (Reference)
  • No one in any family of a DISDad is allowed to get the sniffles, laryngitis (me on my last trip), aches, pains, general feeling of anything abnormal within 10 days of, or during any scheduled vacation. You can be sick on your own time, Disney time is to be accident and illness free! (Reference)
  • Any adult male who shares his love of Disney with a future generation of Disney fans is a DISDad.
  • All DISDads will stop in and check on other dads children if they are employed at either WDW or DL while on vacation. Pics posted will bring comfort to the dads who are missing their kids.
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