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  1. looks great Aaron
    This will be up beginning June 3rd starting with live feed from Disneys Polynesian Resort

  2. So excited! Yeah–I am NOT a DisDad but I am crashing this party to join Carl’s Cam (: Got you all set up on my favs. Now waiting….

  3. Another female crashing the DisDad party!!

    Can’t wait for Cabana Cam!! Have a great time!

  4. Thanks for sharing the Carl. Yet another way to live vicariously through other dads vacations.

  5. I will be checking in on your guys and your stream from Hilton Head this week….hope you have great trip!!

  6. Saw the link on the Poly thread on the DIS. Looks great! Thanks! Happy 16th Birthday to your DD!

  7. Thanks guys!! I am streaming on Microsoft life cam hd studio.. Didnt think the quality would be that good with wifi.. Glad it’s working out. Going to try 1080p tomorrow or tonight after midnight hardwired.

  8. Why do those folks need to find the website for the live feed? They are sitting poolside for goodness sake–enjoy the real view. LOL

  9. stalkers, pervs, onlookers, curious george, lookey-loo, gladys cravitz,…..it’s all good at the Poly! Hey—where is jeeves with my Pina Colava? All this tropical wind and hot sun is making me thirsty (:

  10. Hi all – I can hear you but I can’t talk with you – call me on my cell. I left the number on your phone. Nice pics!

  11. This will be streaming from our balcony facing the castle 24/7 without comment from my family.. Lol maybe when they want to say hello to their friends you will see them.

    Brian you can imbed this if you like.. Let me know where you put it.. I wanna see! Lol

  12. In case your wndering.. The music is from the movie projector they set up on the beach

  13. If I was a kid at the Poly my eyes would be on the castle! Maybe they saw this last night though.

  14. Wow!! Did you guys hear that crazy woman!! Wish I would have gotten it on the cam! Lol

  15. Carl: you and your family are awesome for doing this. It was a rare moment for my family and I! Thank you so much! We loved it

  16. Thanks again Carl, Just had both of my daughters sitting on my lap for the Wishes showing. They were both in awe! Makes me wish our trip next Spring was here already! You’ve made my girls’ night….thanks!!!

  17. Carl, how was breakfast? The slide show is nice, live stream is better. :o)

  18. Hi Carlnix30,
    Caught you cabana stream yesterday, I see you mention using WiFi for that stream. May I pester you to share the details? I was at a TreeHouse 2 weeks ago and just couldn’t keep a solid , stable stream on Ustream. But yours at the Cabana was rock solid.

  19. Thanks Aaron! You have my email.. If you hear complaining email me. I get them right away.

  20. Fiz,

    This stream is using adobe media stream plug-in with ustream to handle the streaming buffer and the camera is a Microsoft lifecam studio hd webcam. There is about a 20 sec delay for buffer at an average of 19.6 FPS

  21. Hey Carl! The feed stops and goes. Last night it was fine for me. Anyone else having a problem? I see movement and hear sound for about 5 seconds then it pauses… and it does that over and over.

  22. Carl this is awesome! Thank you for sharing. The sounds of the boats and train really makes me eager to get there in October!! Thank you sir. Hopefully we can get more dads to share like this.

  23. Carl, the feed appears to be frozen.

    Stream was terrific yesterday. Don’t think I ever saw a better, smoother stream…not to mention the view was great.


  24. Pictured is VERY blurry. I hear the sounds… just picture is bad. I can’t even see the castle things are so blurred.

  25. Love having this on in the background, the sound of the trains whistle along with the ships horn is soothing. Thanks for doing this Carl.

  26. Incredible fireworks view! Feels like you are floating on the water while viewing (: Thx Carl !!!

  27. Thoroughly enjoyed watching Wishes on a fine Sunday evening. Thanks so much Carl!

  28. Hi Carl,
    The stream from the beach always seems rock solid but the stream from the hotel room seems choppy. May I ask what you are using for WiFi on the beach? Are you using a different service to connect to the internet while on the beach? While in the room, are you using Disney Internet service?

  29. There is free wi-fi on the beach and by the pool Fiz. In the room he has to use the DSL cable.

  30. I thought wishes started at 10? It’s so bright! Was hoping to catch it, but I must be early. or late!

  31. Thank you so much or the view of “Wishes!” It has brought a smile to my face and has given me a major Disney fix!

  32. Adam’s feed will come and go today – they make him turn it off on attractions, and we’ll have to see how long his batteries hold out.

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