September 2016 through January 2017 Recording Schedule & Panels

The table below shows the planned schedule for recordings from September 2016 through the end of January 2017. If there are fewer than three people assigned to a panel, feel free to shoot me a message if you’re interested in joining the panel for that recording.

We could especially use some additional help for the October 25, 2016 “If I Ran Disney Vacation Club” panel, the December 4 live show panel “MCU on the Small Screen” (about the various Marvel television series, including Agents of Shield, Netflix series, and the upcoming Cloak & Dagger show coming to Freeform), December 22, 2016 “Disney Parks & Resorts Year in Review” panel, and perhaps most especially the panel for the January 19 recording of “Strange But True Tales of Disney Vacations.” That was a topic suggested by the community, but I haven’t had anyone step up with a story to share. If we don’t have a panel for that show soon, I’ll probably substitute a new topic. Please volunteer by commenting on this page – I will do my best to expedite comment approval (and once you’ve been approved once, subsequent comments shouldn’t need approval).

Thank you to everyone for volunteering and participating – you’re what makes our show unique and worth continuing to produce!

Thursday, August 25
9:30 p.m. Central
Best Italian Food at Walt Disney World
Thursday, September 1
9:30 p.m. Central
Blue Sky: WDW Shows & Parades
Sunday, September 4
8:00 p.m. Central LIVE
Disney News & Rumors
Thursday, Sept. 8
9:30 p.m. Central
Emotional Disney Moments
Kevin Bentley, Brad Coates, Kevin CrossmanDon Donfris, Chad King, Nathan TrentEric Anderson, Don Donfris, CJ FragolaEric Anderson, Kevin Bentley, Chad King
Tuesday, Sept. 13
9:30 p.m. Central
2017 Disney Dining Plans
Thursday, Sept. 29
9:30 p.m. Central
Disney Video Games
Thursday, Oct. 6
9:00 p.m. Central
Beercast X
Thursday, Oct. 13
9:30 p.m. Central
Phase III: The MCU is getting Strange
Don Donfris, David JuartTerry Hawkins, Jason Mitts, Stewart LawsonDave Juart, Don Donfris, Richard Grady, Justin WestRichard Grady, Eric Anderson
Sunday, October 16
8:30 p.m. Central
"If I Ran WDW ..."
Thursday, October 20
9:30 p.m. Central
"If I Ran WDW Animation"
Tuesday, October 25
9:30 p.m. Central
"If I Ran DVC"
Sunday, November 6
8:00 p.m.
"If I Ran Disneyland"
David Nicely, Paul Hajjar, Philip HoltEric Anderson, Richard GradyTerry Hawkins, Chris SalataBrad Coates, Philip Holt, Tim Hicks
Thursday, Nov. 10
9:30 p.m. Central
"If I Ran DCL"
Thursday, Nov. 17
9:30 p.m. Central
Amusement Parks Around the United States
Thursday, December 1
9:00 p.m. Central
2017 Disney Movies Preview
Sunday, December 4
8:00 p.m. Central LIVE
MCU on the Small Screen
Kevin Bentley, Brad Coates, Terry HawkinsKevin Bentley, Philip Holt, Don DonfrisEric Anderson, Richard Grady, Chad KingJason Mitts, Nathan Trent
Thursday, Dec. 15
9:30 p.m. Central
DDCC V Preview Show
Thursday, Dec. 22
9:30 p.m. Central
2016 Disney Parks & Resorts Year in Review
Thursday, Jan. 19
9:30 p.m. Central
Strange But True Tales of Disney Vacations
Thursday, Jan. 26
9:30 p.m. Central
Where did all the rum go?RUMCAST!
Terry Hawkins, Paul Hajjar, Brad CoatesBrad Coates, Don Donfris, Todd BreauxTim HicksTerry Hawkins, Jason Mitts, Kevin Crossman, David Juart, Richard Grady
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