DisneyDadC suggested that we set up a sort of “master list” of possible podcast topics for discussion, and I thought that was an excellent idea. So here you have it – a place to post Podcast Ideas. Below are the suggestions we’ve gotten so far, and the member who suggested them. I encourage you to add suggestions in the comments below as they come to you. So far, we have:
Disney Tours – DisneyDadC
Solo Disney Trips – Sonnyeclipse
Disney Cruises – Sonnyeclipse
DVC – Sonnyeclipse
Dining Plan: Is it still a value? – Sonnyeclipse
Attractions We Miss at WDW – Sonnyeclipse
Changes We’d Like to See at WDW – Sonnyeclipse

Please note: This is a place to brainstorm topics, not volunteer to be on the podcast team for any particular topic. I’ll deal with finding volunteers as topics are chosen.

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  1. DisDadDoc came up with the tours idea lol I never did a tour.
    However I would like to add maybe:
    *drive or fly to the world
    *Favorite park or just something about parks like we did with dining
    *favorite resorts or just something about resort like we did with dining
    *Favorite times of the yr
    * going during the summer months
    *going during the winter months

  2. – Taking your kids out of school for a family vacation *(this could be controversial)
    – Favorite attraction(s)
    – Other great Disney-related podcasts
    – Websites of great planning resources for a WDW trip
    – Something you HAVE to take with you to a Disney park
    – Favorite snack(s) at The World
    – What led you to be a Disney fanatic?
    – Best ‘hidden gem’ at Disney World

    I am sure I can come up with plenty more.

  3. Taking your kids out of school for a family vacation *(this could be controversial)
    – Websites of great planning resources for a WDW trip
    – What led you to be a Disney fanatic? (THIS ONE I LIKE ALOT)

  4. – Best “party” or event (ie, MVMCP, MNSSHP, Food & Wine, Flower & Garden, etc)
    – Favorite show (and we can’t all pick Lights, Motorcars, Action for the fire and cool stunts)
    – Most personally nostalgic ride (and why)
    – Best non-Disney trip (since we are all WDW fans, what else have we enjoyed)

  5. -Discuss first visits to Disney
    -Favorite Disney songs/movies/tv shows

    I like the idea of doing a show about favorite/memorable DIS Dads discussions. I think this would make an entertaining first show for iTunes as an introduction to who we are.

  6. – Disney food you’ve tried to make at home… and the disasters that followed
    – Surprise trips: Have you pulled them off?
    – Disney Without the Kids: Going From DisDad to DisHusband
    – Family Traditions at Disney

  7. -Favorite Disney song
    -How to cope at Disney and sick (my wife last trip…. trooper!)
    -Favorite Disney memory
    -What is in your Disney Survival bag? (things you must take to WDW)

    All good ideas guys! Keep em’ coming!

  8. – hidden gems or off-the-beaten-path finds at WDW or DL
    – how to have fun without entering the theme parks
    – why not try to incorporate the “Dad” part of the DISDads name? What’s your favorite thing to do with your kids? What do you want to accomplish as a Dad? What’s your favorite memory of your dad?

  9. [b]Disneydadc[/b] I really like the favorite/review of the various onsite or off site resorts!
    Best bang for the buck. Dining plan or not.
    Best dining plan for different families ie. 3-6 group and 7-teen group
    Time saving tips
    Best books for Disney planning

  10. – why not try to incorporate the “Dad” part of the DISDads name? What’s your favorite thing to do with your kids? What do you want to accomplish as a Dad? What’s your favorite memory of your dad?

    Capt. These are perfect suggestions!!

  11. -disney daily survival bag- what’s in yours?
    -pin trading for dads
    -how to keep the trip fun and not get stressed out by all the little things
    -best places to watch parades/fireworks
    -favorite picture spots
    -what is your favorite disney “magical moment” (free upgrade, etc.)
    keep ’em coming…

  12. ***** Taking your kids out of school for a family vacation *(this could be controversial*******I like this one, as I have five kids and I have had different effects of taking them out.

  13. *what about activities other then them parks like Golfing,maybe fishing etc.
    *disney water parks
    * maybe along with older rides that are gone we could do something on say river country

  14. – A DVC discussion would be fun. Our first trip “home” was this past summer. DVC really forces you to rethink how you tour.
    – Best / most overlooked attraction (electric water pageant)
    – Resort reviews from a DisDad perspective
    – Anyone taken the Amtrak AutoTrain that could do a review on it?
    – Creative ideas for financing your trips
    – Getting a DisWife to understand that no matter how much she wants to vacation to Canada, they already have a pavillion
    – Laptops at the World? What do ya’ take your box for?

    Looks like I may need to get a Skype account, eh? :0)

  15. tattoos in the “swimming holes”
    Idea’s for a new disney park? (a villain’s park with more adult themed rides?)

  16. How about where is our favorite place to stay on property and what the appeal is for you and your family?

  17. * Disney traditions that are a must-do every trip.
    * I like the DVC idea (being someone who wants to buy into DVC one day, I’d like to hear how the current DVC owners went about making their decisions of when to buy, where to buy, etc.)
    * Getting to and from Disney (lots of us drive 8-12 hours, what tips do we have for making that trek with kids)
    * Disney Cruise Line (how many of us have done it? How many plan to do it? When? Why? Why not?)
    * Top overlooked attractions at Disney (Commando’s mentioning of the Main Street vehicles made me think of this)
    * Disney Dream vacation (let’s say you win the lottery, or a rich uncle dies and leaves you Brewsters’s Millions, what would be your dream Disney trip? Where would you stay? How long? What would you do? Tours?)

    That’s all I got for now. Enjoy the show and look forward to being on the panel one day.

  18. I would like a discussion on the possibilities of starting a DISDad’s TV show that wouold feature DISDads at any of the Disney Venues. I think we possess the muscle to push it on the Travel Channel!

  19. If you could talk to a Disney Imagineer about a new theme park at WDW what would your theme park be like? What other ideas would you like to see Disney do at WDW?

  20. I have one more Podcast idea to add if I may~~I would like to hear DISdads being interviewed with either their kids, their wife, or both. I do not think I have heard a podcast that have received comments about Disney from a whole family. That wouyld be fun to listen to!

  21. Traveling with young children. I can help with this topic if you woud like. We are traveling to WDW in August with our 2 young childeren ages 6 months and 2 years. Our 2 year old has been to DL when she was 5 months and DW at 12 months so we’ve learned a lot of tips, executed very successful trips and looking forward to our trip in August.
    I know there is always disucssion about how young is too young and I have some different thoughts and perspectives now that we have gone through it a few times.

  22. A couple people mentioned having fun at Disney without entering the parks. I’ll have to 2nd or 3rd that idea. It seems interesting because it could span everything from free activities like resort hopping, downtown disney etc to some things which could actually cost more than visiting the parks like renting a boat on bay lake, riding characters in flight or visiting one of the spas.

  23. How about
    favorite foods or restaurant that isn’t from/at a table service.

    Favorite non fast pass ride

    Now that the first part of the Fantasyland expansion is open what are your thoughts of it and what are your ideas about the rest.

    Fantasyland, Test Track, Avatarland Thoughts/hopes/rumors

    I don’t know how many you could get or if this would work but a listener questions cast seems to be a big hit on others maybe here?

    Just thoughts

  24. How about a DisWIVES podcast. We hand over the podcast to the Wives, give them a topic and let them go with it.

  25. I agree with prattpak on the recommendations. I have a few pins at home, but have no idea on where to start to see if they are worth anything.

  26. How about a show on surprise marriage proposals at Disney world? How it went, the planning involved and so on.?.?.

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