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Some members of the DISDads community are travel agents that can help you book the vacation of your dreams. They work with a variety of different travel agencies. You can find their contact information listed below. (Note: The list order shuffles randomly each time this page is refreshed).

Name Agency Name Phone Number Website Email Social Media
John Peters, Bushnell, FL Mouse Master Travel by John Peters 352.603.3308 mousemastertravel.com Contact
Aaron Rittmaster, Overland Park, KS Fantastic Memories Travel, LLC, Home of the Mouse Master Travel Group 888.416.6873 mousemastertravel.com Contact
Brady Aymond, Pensacola, FL Fairytale Journeys by Brady 337.418.7610 N/A Contact
Brad Coates, Carlsbad, NM Scrapbook Travel, Fairytale Journeys Agency 575.361.4389 scrapbook-travel.com Contact
Jason Knox, Orfordville, WI Magic and Memories Travel 978.600.8747 mmtvacations.com Contact
Will Gregory, Newport, KY Fairytale Journeys by Will 859.652.3902 N/A Contact
Todd Breaux, Lafayette, LA Mr. Toad’s Wild Travels – Fairytale Journeys Travel Agency 337.380.0111 N/A Contact
Jerry Falgoust, Baton Rouge, LA Mouse Master Travel 225.772.8473 N/A Contact
David Platt, Portland, OR Mouse Master Travel 412.654.5869 themousemaster.com Contact
Brett Horne, Fairhope, AL Fairytale Journeys by Brett 251.423.1317 fairytalejourneysbybrett.com Contact
Malvin Carroll, Fairytale Journeys by Malvin 757.751.0625 fairytalejourneysbymalvin.com Contact

Appearance on this list does not imply any endorsement of the services or competence of any agent or agency by DISDads.com, site or podcast authors, editors, or participants.

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