Monday Poll – Holiday Edition: Which summer movies are you looking forward to seeing with your child or children?

The slate of summer movies for kids is quite the mixed bag this year. Lots of sequels and remakes. Very little completely new content. And not much for the youngest movie-going kids. I left the two PG-13 superhero films for this summer off the list, as those seemed to be at the outer edge of movies to watch with our children. In fact, the only PG-13 movies on the list are continuations of series – the final Harry Potter installment and the first post-Megan Fox Transformers movie. So what are you looking forward to taking your children to see? Talk about your choices in the comments.

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New England or Bust, concluded

Getting up at the crack of dawn for an 8-hour drive is a lot easier when you’re leaving home for a vacation than vice versa.  Somehow, we roused ourselves out of bed, got dressed, packed up, and felt a little better after coffee and apple-cider donuts.  Oh, didn’t I mention the apple-cider donuts before?  We stopped at a farm the previous day in Vermont and bought some hot out of the fryer.  This is known as a win. (more…)

Friday Five – Random References & Reflections

1. Please consider contributing a memory – either of a WDW vacation with your own father, or a WDW vacation as a father with your children – for our special Father’s Day podcast. Call (816) 348-3939 to record your memory, use the Google Call Me icon in the right margin, or record your memory on your own computer and Email the mp3 file to (Please try to keep recordings to 1 minute, we want to be able to include as many as possible).

2. Speaking of the special Father’s Day podcast, I will be interviewing a surprise guest celebrity Disney Dad for it. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so for now I’ll just say that, while you wouldn’t recognize our special guest if you walked by him, you’ve almost certainly heard his voice.

3. Thanks to our Dis Dads Podcast panel from Episode 7, DisDadDoc, trennr, carlnix30, and unclescrooge0707.

4. Disney shared concept art and resort layouts for the under-construction Art of Animation resort during last week’s D23 event at Walt Disney World. Inside the Magic has a great collection of photos fromt he event. While Disney has been referreing to The Art of Animation resort as a Value resort, it appears to offer an almost-hybrid of Walt Disney World’s Value and Moderate accomodation categories. A large proportion of the rooms in the Art of Animation resort will be Family Suites that will sleep up to six guests. It will be interesting to see what the pricing for these rooms looks like when they become avalable for booking. Disney continues to target a Summer 2012 opening.

5. I’ve now seen two trailers for the new Muppet Movie, to be released this Thanksgiving. To quote my wife, “Will there be a midnight showing?!?” (And that coming from someone who’s usually in bed by 9 p.m.). The first trailer is called Green with Envy, and the second is called Fuzzy Pack (it’s a parody of the trailer for “The Hangover 2”). Check them out, you won’t regret it. I can’t wait. Jason Segal clearly gets what the Muppets are all about.

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